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In The News

It handles like a dream.”

This Old House, names the Gtech AirRam one of the “Best New Home Products of 2013!”

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It worked so well, and was so easy to maneuver.” Tech Writer calls Gtech’s AirRam a “godsend,” says others “can’t match the AirRam’s cleaning power.”

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Cordless, bagless… and hoping to clean up.””

The Daily Mail scores Gtech’s AirRam “10/10” and asks “Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?”

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I would definitely recommend this vacuum for someone looking for a powerful device that doesn’t take up much room in their closet and doesn’t want to deal with cords.”

Tech site, The Nerd Machine, declares the Gtech AirRam “The Cordless Vacuum of the Future”

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You’ll find yourself grumbling about tidying up much, much less when taking out the AirRam than with larger, corded or smaller, weaker vacuums.” says the Gtech AirRam “makes vacuuming easy and convenient.”

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It’s very easy to go from hardwood right to an area rug.

AirRam featured on HGTV’s “I Want That!” program on the DIY Network, highlighting the hottest must-haves for every home.


What Bloggers Are Saying

"This sleek cleaning machine is packed with many other features."

"[The AirRam] possesses just as much cleaning power, if not more, than a corded vacuum."

We have a new means of ...being eco-friendly, all with the cool AirRam Vacuum Cleaner."

The Gtech AirRam brings some serious power for a wireless vacuum."

It definitely does what it claims."

The Gtech AirRam High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner works as its name implies, delivering all the suction power required sans the pesky cord."

The amount of pet hair and dirt that the Gtech AirRam picked up... was just amazing."

I have to say that the Gtech AirRAM has thoroughly impressed me."

If you're looking to invest in a vacuum that will clean your home like a pro, I highly recommend the Grech AirRam."

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