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$200 system deal

Gtech’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaning System Deal

Save $200 on our ultimate cordless vacuum cleaning system. AirRam for the floor. Multi for everything else…

Gtech System deal

When you buy both the AirRam upright vacuum cleaner and the Multi handheld vacuum from Gtech, you can expect to pay $200 less than you usually would. Originally priced at $599.90, both the AirRam and Multi in our vacuum cleaning system deal will now cost you $399.90 when purchased directly from

This offer on our innovative vacuum cleaning system is available for a limited time. Take advantage of our entire vacuum cleaning system offer now.

Why choose our vacuum cleaning system deal?

Benefit from highly efficient vacuum cleaners when you opt for our current offer on an entire vacuum cleaning system, consisting of an innovative upright vacuum cleaner and a powerful handheld vacuum.

Gtech AirRam

The AirRam upright vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to easily manoeuvre under furniture whilst still retaining powerful suction. Its high-powered rotating brush bars lift hair and debris from your carpet and AirRam can be emptied with ease, by simply unclipping the dirt tray and emptying straight into a household bin.

Gtech Multi

The Gtech Multi is a powerful handheld vacuum with all the convenience of being cordless. Purpose built with additional attachments to add onto the main nozzle for efficient cleaning, it’s ideal for cleaning in those hard to reach corners. The Multi is a handheld vacuum with a difference – with a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and flexible hose, the Gtech handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and specially designed to access any part of your house.

Choose the Gtech vacuum cleaning system deal today and save $200 on the AirRam and Multi vacuum cleaners.