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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Get Ready to Get Floored! Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Creator Gtech Launches AirRam in America

    On May 7th, Gtech hosted an exclusive event for the US launch of the revolutionary AirRam at The Glass Houses in New York City. The AirRam cleaned up, receiving much fanfare. Gtech has re-imagined the cordless vacuum cleaner, which positions the company on the crest of a wave of innovative technologies. Everything is changing for the better, and our product launch showed the American public how the AirRam has made cleaning better forever.


    AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Launch Event

    Over conversation and light hors’ doeuvres, Josh Klein, Hacker Strategist and Host of The Link on the National Geographic Channel, spoke on the new power of emerging technologies. His presentation focused on an eclectic mix of new, clever products and suggested that their success has come about because “technology is utterly changing consumers by empowering them in a whole new way.”

    You might wonder how that happens. At Gtech we understand that a “whole new way” is a concert of utility, look, and wild new ideas. That’s why the AirRam uses far less power, doesn’t use a cyclone, and looks so sleek and friendly.

    After Josh’s thought provoking presentation, Gtech founder Nick Grey weighed in on the topic of innovative technology and explained his vision for the AirRam. He encouraged the audience to think about the evolution of television sets. First, they were huge, with wires hanging everywhere. Now they’re slender and portable. Think about the evolution of vacuums, with the AirRam right at the end. Does the process look familiar? The AirRam is not just a new vacuum; it’s a new way of thinking about vacuums.

    Finally, Greg McCormick brought it all home with benefits of the AirRam upright vacuum cleaner. Each of the presentations was enlightening and helped solidify the AirRam as the next big thing in cleaning technology across America.

    Here’s what some of the event guests had to say:

    Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 5.33.18 PM

    What do you think of the AirRam invasion? Do you want to try it out at your home?

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  • Up and Running: America’s New Cordless Upright Vacuum Creator, Gtech, Hits the Blogosphere in Style

    cordless vacuum cleanerWelcome to the Gtech USA Blog – your newest hub for updates, upcoming events, new products, and general cool information, both tech-related and life-related! Keeping in line with our products’ goal, “ to make your life a little bit simpler,” our blog is also aimed at making it easy for you to stay in the loop with the way the AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner and Gtech USA are changing cleaning technology, and, hopefully, get your feedback as well. Let’s build a relationship here.

    The AirRam upright vacuum cleaner is getting a lot of people excited about cleaning and clean technology. We’re saving time, we’re saving energy, and we’re saving arm muscles, all with one convenient little machine. Gtech USA is about more than vacuums; it’s about more than products, in general. We’re helping shift the entire technological paradigm. Let’s get simpler. Let’s lose all the wires. Let’s get smaller but keep all the big guy power. And, most of all, let’s work together to build a community that’s on the same page.

    Keep checking the blog to stay abreast of all the changes. It’s going to be an interesting journey we’re embarking upon. Help us change the tech conversation and keep it clean.

    What would you like to hear from us? We want to know. Tell us right here on our blog, or via Facebook and Twitter.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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