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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Gtech Offers Special Promotion on AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Brookstone shoppers to receive $50 gift card with purchase of a Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner

    Gtech USA today announced today a special promotion for Brookstone AirRam shoppers. From now to August 10, 2013, customers will receive a gift card worth $50 off any item in Brookstone (stores and online) with the purchase of an AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner.

    "This special promotion is a great opportunity for customers to get their hands on the AirRam they've heard so much buzz about," said Steve Schwartz, Brookstone vice president merchandising and product development. "We really believe this vacuum changes the way you clean and take care of your home. We're excited to offer such a rich promotion to our shoppers and invite them to see a demo at their local Brookstone store."

    The Gtech AirRam is the first cordless, bagless, canister-free vacuum on the market that in third-party tests of cleaning performance, has been shown to outperform a number of cordless vacuums and performs as well as various corded vacuum brands**.

    The cordless vacuum cleaner represents the most significant evolution in vacuum development over the last 20 years, and brings myriad first-time technological and design developments to the category, including:

    • Dirt-to-tray technology: Unlike any other vacuum on the market (cordless, and those with a canister or bag) the AirRam’s direct dirt-to-tray technology compresses dust and debris into bales that can be emptied right into the trash
    • Gtech data bridge program: The AirRam can be connected to a computer via USB to monitor battery life, energy usage, energy cost savings, and the calories burned while using the AirRam.
    • Ultra-low profile: The AirRam has an ultra-low profile that allows for easy cleaning under chairs and tables clean any type of floor (tile, carpet or wood) without attachments or any adjustments and is only 7.7 pounds (less than half the weight of a standard vacuum cleaner)
    • Long run time:  A full charge takes four hours and powers the vacuum for a runtime of up to 40 minutes, allowing consumers to clean an average U.S.  home on a single charge.

    The Gtech AirRam is available for purchase from Brookstone stores and at and at select Brookstone retailers nationwide.

  • Give and Get Back with AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    handshakeDid you “pay it forward” yet this week?

    “Paying it forward” is when you receive something good you then pass on that goodness to someone else. Passing it on spreads your joy across multiple people. Can you imagine if everyone paid it forward together? We think the world would be a happier place.

    Gtech encourages you to give a happy gift, to pay it forward, to share the joys of the AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner with the people in your life. Making a sad world smile is no small order, we know, so where should you begin? Your at-home cleaning service!

    These people work hard to maintain a pristine home for you; make their lives easier with the revolutionary cordless vacuum. They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and your floors will be happy, too. You can tell when a floor is happy; the whole house seems to smirk. And after all, major change begins in tiny exchanges.

    airramDoesn’t the AirRam look like it’s smiling, too?

    The AirRam upright vacuum cleaner will make your cleaning people’s jobs easier, simply put. It’s light, it’s cordless, it’s versatile, and it’s fun to use.

    Think about the vacuum your cleaner is using now. It’s probably a hulking dinosaur of a thing that weighs more than twice the svelte little AirRam. It probably scowls before it smiles.

    These people work hard, and their attention to detail reverberates through larger aspects of your life, so why not show them you care? You’ll see the joy paid forward reflected in your home, and if everyone’s doing it right, they’ll pay it forward, too. In six months, we could be living in a paradise, where everyone’s floors are immaculate, with an upright vacuum for every upright citizen! Maybe that’s a little overboard, but at the very least, we’ll be smiling.

    How are you paying it forward today? Help us create happy conversations, and tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Experts Weigh in Gtech Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    The AirRam is on fire!

    Media and public alike have unanimously cried out in praise of the energy-saving, lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, and we can’t say we’re surprised. It’s light, it’s efficient, it saves energy, and it looks like a friendly companion to any American home.

    In case you’re not convinced, we’ve let the experts speak for us. Here’s an installment of the AirRam Review Roundup, for your reading pleasure:

    apttherapyApartment Therapy’s rave review of the AirRam highlights all the keystone features of our lovely little vacuum, focusing on the energy-efficient lithium-ion battery and the absence of a cord. It also mentions that the AirRam’s perfect for getting the little things kids seem to leave everywhere.


    This review from Wired shows that the AirRam can be fun for your children to use, which is good news for you. It also dissects the important comparison between a Dyson model and the superior AirRam.

    Slash Gear

    Slash Gear’s review of the AirRam says that it revolutionizes vacuuming, and we tend to agree. The focus here is on energy-efficiency (100 watts per use, rather than the industry average of 2000 watts) and the data bridge, which lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your energy use (both in the device and in your body; the calorie counter handles the latter).

    Popular Mechanics

    A Popular Mechanics blog pitted the Gtech AirRam against a New York City apartment with excellent results. This review highlights just how user-friendly the AirRam is, with power bars to show how much time you have before charging, the Data bridge again, and how easily it fits under your furniture.

    These are just the heaviest hitters of the multitudinous reviews out there already since the AirRam made a name for itself in America this year. User reviews abound, and there’s really nothing negative to say about the AirRam! We’ll keep rounding them up as they’re released, but that should give you something to ponder for the interim. Let the AirRam redesign the way you clean your home or apartment, and you’ll see what we’re all so excited about.

    What do you think of the AirRam? Give us your reviews on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking our blog for more updates!

  • Easy Exercise Tips For More Energy From the Energy Efficient Lightweight AirRam

    The summer months are perfect weather for stretching our legs outdoors and enjoying nature at the same time.

    Exercise activates your endorphins, elevates your serotonin levels, and generally puts you at peace with the world. Cardiovascular activity even improves brain activity and helps you think clearly.

    Fitness is connected to the green revolution in an unspoken way; that’s why our lightweight vacuum cleaner data bridge program includes a calorie counter. You can chart your fitness while you save energy. Now, isn’t that something?

    In that spirit, here are some tips for staying fit this summer.

    runing on beachjExercise briefly upon waking.

    This is better than a cup of coffee. If you get your heart rate up first thing in the morning, it will activate your brain activity, too. Fresh air and cardiovascular activity will give you the tools you need to attack the day with gusto. If you wake up a little earlier than you normally would, just ten or fifteen minutes, you’ll give yourself far more energy with exercise than the extra sleep would give you.


    pushupsPushups and sit-ups do wonders for you.

    In an era of Crossfit, Pilates, and Zumba, exercise can seem like an overwhelming task to embark upon, but let’s not forget the simple merits of pushups and sit-ups. Both activities engage your core throughout, which improves your stability and overall strength, not just your six pack. You can’t burn these muscles out, so you can do them as regularly as you’d like. If you do push ups and sit-ups every day, your fitness will be far more well rounded.




    Walk, run, or bike instead of driving.

    Not only will this improve your endurance, lungpower, and general fitness, you will also help fight pollution. How often do you drive to the corner store that’s two or three blocks away? Just walk it next time, and enjoy the air outside.

    Make health and fitness an inseparable part of your lifestyle, like a second nature, and you will have a happier existence. Exercise with your Gtech AirRam upright vacuum cleaner, and count your calories on the data bridge program. Take the simple steps listed above, and the rewards will be great. It’s beautiful outside this summer, so go enjoy it!

    What are you doing to work fitness into your daily routine? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading the Gtech blog for more tips!

  • Vacuums in Pop Culture

    Last time we took a spin around the living room with our cordless vacuum cleaner the AirRam, we felt that he was smiling at us. Maybe we took a few spins than needed aroAirRam1und the room, but we think the AirRam is starting to develop his own personality here at Gtech.

    And if the AirRam is developing that pop cultural appeal, we have to wonder: where does the AirRam fit into the greater conversation of vacuums throughout pop culture history? Well, we’re still figuring it out. We’re still getting to know this dapper little guy! In the mean time, here’s a series of other vacuums from pop culture past:

    Famous Vacuums in Pop Culture



    Kirby, from “The Brave Little Toaster” (1987)

    He was grumpy, nervy, neurotic, and also endearing. He grew into a hero over the course of the film.

    kirby 2


    Kirby, from several Nintendo games

    Not a vacuum, you say? Apparently, you’ve forgotten that Kirby’s signature move was to    suck his opponents up (presumably into tidy bales) and absorb their powers. Also, he was undeniably adorable.



    Noo Noo, the incredibly bizarre vacuum friend of the Teletubbies

    He was their excitable compadre who periodically lost control and vacuumed up all of their possessions. Why? It was the Teletubbies; we have no idea.




    The people-sucking vacuums in 2010’s “Skyline”

    They took alien abduction to a new level, vacuuming literally thousands of people up at a stretch. But how are they on carpets?

    hocus pocus


    The vacuum serving as a witch’s broom in 1993’s “Hocus Pocus”

    Sarah Jessica Parker loses her broom, and a magical vacuum comes to her rescue. See the magic sparks flying out from the bottom? We wouldn’t trust it on our carpet.




    The killer vacuum a child willed into existence on “Hush” from the 80s horror series “Tales from the Darkside”

    Just what it sounds like. It sucked… SOULS!


    These are just a couple sentences in a much longer conversation: vacuums across the pop culture encyclopedia. What will the legacy of our AirRam be at the end of the day? Only time will tell, but we’re certain it will be one of the good guy robots, not one of the bad guys. After all, this cordless vacuum cleaner is just way too good looking to be a villain.

    What’s your favorite vacuum in pop culture? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading our blog for more vacuum updates!

  • Join the Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Revolution with Gtech

    Gtech has been honored with a media appearance again, this time in SlashGear, a reputable gadget weblog that ranked 29th in Technorati’s Top 100 List of Authoritative Blogs. We’re flattered, again, but we’ve known all along that the AirRam would change the upright cordless vacuum forever. SlashGear’s AirRam review highlights all the special details that set our bagless vacuum cleaner apart from every other vacuum. Don’t let its simple demeanor fool you; this vacuum has quite a lot going behind the scenes.

    Gtech AirRam

    The article reads “It boasts a 3-inch, slim profile and only weighs 7.7 pounds, making it easy to move around, even around the trickiest places like under the couch.” We absolutely agree, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the AirRam is boasting. Its unassuming body does not need to beat you over the head with its advantages; the proof is in the padding after you’ve vacuumed your floor with it.

    This glowing analysis of Gtech’s innovative cordless vacuum cleaner hits all the important features of the AirRam: its energy efficiency, its vacuuming power, its Data Bridge which tells you power savings and the calories you’ve burned vacuuming, and its appearance, but you should know all that by now. And if you didn’t, just pick up an AirRam at Brookstone for $349.95 and find out for yourself!

     What’s your favorite feature of the Gtech AirRam? Tell us about your AirRam experience on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Celebrate Christmas in July with our Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    santa1It’s the most wonderful time of year! America is a country that is certainly known for its festivity, and Christmas in July has become a cult phenomenon over the years.

    We love to give and to receive, because new stuff is always fun, isn’t it? This Christmas in July, why not make a gift of the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner, and share the joys of a Gtech AirRam? There are, after all, many, many messes to be made in the summertime.

    The kids may be back from school, the beach sand may follow your feet inside, and you’ll probably host a party or two. Christmas in July extends beyond the gift of giving, however, it’s a miniature culture. Have a party, bust out that Santa Claus suit and make those red pants into cutoffs!

    Here’s our salute to the beloved pretend-real holiday, Christmas in July.

    santa2Christmas in July has multiple source points in history. The first documented use of the phrase was from Camp Keystone, an all-girls sleep-away camp in 1933, and the festivities included an actual tree, presents, and visit from Santa Claus, himself.

    In 1942, the Calvary Baptist Church in D.C. found a humanitarian niche with Christmas in July, rounding up gifts to be eventually distributed among various missions worldwide, to the underprivileged. The U.S. Post Office teamed up with military official to launch their own Christmas in July in 1944; it was designed to set up early gift mailing to men and women overseas. Unfortunately for them, our cordless vacuum cleaner wasn’t invented just yet.

    This Christmas in July, have a real celebration. Give the holiday more than just a name; live it! We recommend going all out, because if you’re going to do something, it’s worth doing right. Exchange gifts, have Santa pay a visit, decorate accordingly, and really try to feel it.

    The reason: why not? There’s an indescribable something to Christmas, and who says you can’t reach that feeling in July? Best of luck, and Merry Christmas in July!

    What are you doing to celebrate Christmas in July? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading up for more Gtech updates!

  • The #AirRamJam Playlist for The Ultimate July 4th

    July 4th, the most important day in American history is now upon us!

    It’s our cordless vacuum cleaner’s first 4th of July in America so let’s welcome it the right way. In America we love a good celebration and America’s birthday is probably the most important party we have. It’s uniquely American and showcases truly American staples: barbeque, fireworks, swimming, family, and friends.

    Naturally, it wouldn’t be complete without some quintessentially American summer music! Here’s the perfect playlist for when you’re grilling your dogs; the perfect collection of songs to carry your summer afternoon into an insect-buzzing dusk and an evening illuminated by fireworks.

    [hana-code-insert name='July 4' /]Let these songs complete your 4th of July this year. Gtech wants you to get in touch with your country as best as you can, and our cordless vacuum cleaner will help clean up the mess after the party’s over!

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world, and never forget your roots!

    [hana-code-insert name='July 4 Spot' /]

    What are your favorite American theme songs? Tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking the Gtech blog for new updates!

  • Installing Your Gtech AirRam Data Bridge Program

    cordless vacuum cleanerThe Gtech data bridge program allows you to connect with your AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner on a more personal level.

    From the data bridge you can monitor battery life, energy usage, energy cost savings, and the calories you’ve burned by using your AirRam! You can also regulate its energy efficiency and learn the proper maintenance for it.

    Here’s how to install the Gtech data bridge program:

    1)     Begin at Scroll to the bottom and click the link for
    “Software Download.”

    Data Bridge Software


    2)     Click the green “Download for Windows” button.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Software


    3)     When the window prompts you, select “Save File” and click “OK.”

    Save Data Bridge Software


    4)     Locate the saved file on your computer and “extract all” files from the AirRam Application files folder.

    Data bridge program install


    5)     Open the folder named “US.” In the US folder, click the “AirRam” file to begin the installation process. When prompted, click “Yes” to install.

    AirRam Software

    6)     Connect the Gtech AirRam to your computer with the provided Gtech cable when prompted.

    Gtech AirRam


    7)     When you see the “welcome” screen, you’ve successfully installed the AirRam data bridge software, and you’re ready to go!

    AirRam Software Program


    Working with the Gtech AirRam Data Bridge:

    Now that you installed the program, here are some features to check out to enhance the experience you have with your AirRam bagless vacuum cleaner:

    1)     General

    Click the tab marked “General” and you can view the following:

    • AirRam status. Is your AirRam working properly?
    • Battery cycle status.
    • Total use and use since last viewing in the program.
    • The money you’ve saved in energy costs.
    • The calories you’ve burned in your recent cleaning session and the calories you’ve burned since your last view.
    • In the bottom of the window you can see your power level and the last date you viewed the above info.

    AirRam Software Program


    2)     Maintenance
    Click the tab marked “Maintenance” and learn how to properly care for your AirRam.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


    3)     Settings

    Click the tab marked “Settings” to input your personal information and regulate the energy usage of the AirRam.

    • Input your weight and age for an accurate calorie count reading.
    • Choose “Eco Mode,” “Standard Mode,” or “High Power Mode” for lower to higher energy use.

    Energy Efficient Vacuum

    4)     Support

    Click the tab marked “Support” for company contact information and to download the User Manual for your cordless vacuum cleaner in case you have any other questions or feedback for the Gtech team.

    View and download our how-to guide for installing the Gtech AirRam Data Bridge here:

    [hana-code-insert name='Data Bridge How To on Slideshare' /]

    Now fire up your AirRam and waltz it around your living room so you can check the calories you’ve burned and the energy you’ve saved. The way you’d like to clean is yours to invent, so get started!

    How’s the data bridge working for you? We’d like to know! Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking our blog for more updates.

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