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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Quick Cleaning Tips From Our Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Team

    It’s strange how quickly the day can pass you by!

    Your to-do list may include only two or three things, but as you enter the day, you find tangential items to suck your time up and keep you occupied for far longer than you anticipated. We understand. Maybe you lose your wallet and your keys for a while, looking under and inside everything with an underneath or an interior only to find them both in your right hand, and company’s going to be there in twenty minutes and you haven’t cleaned up yet.

    In a world like this, it’s important to save time when you can. It’s why we’ve made our cordless vacuum cleaner so simple, so light, and so easy to use. In the spirit of the efficiency mission, here are some tips to get the house clean in time, with a minute or two to sit on your couch.

    Quick Cleaning Tips

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    Wipe surfaces once with minimal cleaner

    Your instinct is to pile on the cleaning solution when you’re in a hurry to clean your surfaces, but wiping once will kill the bacteria and usually remove the mess. Excessive cleaner will leave visible residue.

    Wear an apron

    Seem silly? Not as silly as ruining your outfit with bleach, or soaking yourself with water. Let the apron bear the brunt of your cleaning frenzy, and toss it aside when you’re done. It will save you time not worrying about getting anything on your outfit.

    Organize your cleaning supplies every time

    Make sure that you always know exactly where each type of cleaner you use is at all times, and group all your cleaners together. That way there’s never a scramble, and you can approach the cleaning methodically.

    Clean logically

    Move from area to area; don’t haphazardly clean random parts of each room on instinct because you see a mess somewhere. Take it one room at a time, and go from dry to wet, i.e. dust first, then wipe; sweep first, then mop, etc. A routine is the path to efficiency.

    And when push comes to shove, if you need your home to look tidy for guests, get creative! If the dishwasher is full, throw the rest of your dishes in the oven. No one will see them there! (Note: This only works if you don’t plan on cooking for your guests).

    Don’t worry about vacuuming, the AirRam has made it painless and fast. It’s the best cordless vacuum for the job. Follow these tips, develop your own, and you’ll be doing an hour’s worth of cleaning in fifteen minutes!

    What are you doing to clean up quickly? We’d love to hear your tips, too, so tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter! Keep checking the blog for more updates the cleaning world.

  • Let Your Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Inspire a Green Revolution

    Gtech seeks to rethink how we clean.

    We’d like our bagless upright vacuum cleaners to represent a core change in principle values: clean house, clean energy, clean future. In this spirit, we’ve offered some additional tips to reduce your energy footprint. Let the AirRam initiate a change. If everyone takes a small step in reducing their waste, the impact will be far greater than all of us.

    Use vinegar, the miracle cleaner.

    Vinegar can soothe your scalp, brighten colors in your laundry, remove lint, soften fabrics, stretch the life of your nail polish, and even treat skin problems. It achieves all of these things with zero pollutants and does not affect the water supply when you dump it down the drain. On top of everything else, it’s far more inexpensive than chemical-heavy alternatives!

    soapMake new soap from your slivers

    Save your tiny soap slivers every time you’re almost out of soap, then put them all together in a saucepan with some water, let it soak for 24 hours, and be sure to stir every once in a great while. Then, boil the mixture, remove it from heat and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil for each cup of soap. Pour the mixture into molds, i.e. milk cartons, and let harden. Then cut them into the sizes you’d like.

    Wrap your water heater with insulation

    It’s a simple move, and it can save up to 1,000 pounds of global-warming CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Imagine if everyone did this.

    toasterTry alternative cooking methods

    If you can microwave it, avoid the stove. If you can use a toaster oven, avoid the oven. Items like these converse far more energy.

    There’s lots more you can do to keep it green. These ideas should set the tone for your newfound energy-efficiency. If everyone does his or her part, it’s remarkable how much change we can affect. Save energy and keep it clean with your new AirRam, the ultimate new bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

    What are you doing to go green? If you have interesting methods you’ve devised on your own or learned somewhere else, we’d love for you to share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Keep checking in with us for more green updates.

  • The New York Times Stands Behind Our Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    We’re always happy to hear that you’re happy with the AirRam upright vacuum cleaner, especially when it’s a reputable periodical responding to us, because then even more readers know how easy it is for them to be happy as well.

    A clean home breeds happiness; it’s that simple. So who’s happy today? The New York Times is cleaning happily to the energy-efficient AirRam and validated our own joy, once again.

    nyyyytIn the July 4 issue of The New York Times, reviewer Gregory Schmidt highlights the AirRam’s exciting journey into the land of the free, calling to attention the “efficient, compact design that eliminates tubes and bags and incorporates a professional- grade lithium-ion battery.” Yes, excellent stuff: professional grade cleaning for the non-professional cleaner.

    Plus, “at seven and a half pound, the AirRam is light.” For those playing at home, it’s less than a gallon of milk. Schmidt also gave a shout-out to the easy to dispose bales created by our upright vacuum cleaner. We just love it when people reference the tidy bales that are compressed from the process of cleaning efficiently with the AirRam.

    Thanks, New York Times! We’re going to keep moving forward with the business of making people happy.

    Why are you happy today? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter! Keep checking the Gtech blog for updates on the happy public.

  • Lightweight, Cordless AirRam Tackles the Back to School Clean Sweep

    The golden months of freedom are almost over, and it’s time for your kids to return to the doldrums of the classroom.

    Flip-flops are stowed in the closet until next June, Frisbees sit lonely on a shelf somewhere in a forgotten corner, and the pool is ready to get covered. Ok, we’re not quite there, yet, but it’s right around the corner and it is an exciting time for both you and your kids.

    Plus, a few hours of peace and quiet a day never hurt anyone, so let the AirRam, the best lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, clean up the damage and debris left over from the summer season.

    dirty dogThe AirRam gets all the important spots that summer may have hit hard. Its tiny agitating brushes will get the dirt up from under your couch, and since you can make it level with the ground, you can even reach into the back of your SUV to get the sand that crept out from your towels and beach toys.

    The dogs have probably been running wild with you all summer long, so get all those dusty paw prints up in one fell swoop with the AirRam. At 7.7 pounds, it’s easy for even your kids to help out around the house.

    The end of the summer might be associated with the end of fun for your children, but it can be a new beginning for you as you have more free time to yourself. Send yourself off in style this fall with the Gtech AirRam lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. Approach a new season with a clean slate and a clean carpet!

    What are the worst messes in your home this summer? Share stories and pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter. Gtech’s blog will keep providing useful information for you and your household, so keep coming back!

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