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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Christmas Comes Early to Gtech Thanks to One of the Country's Top Tech Guru's, Techno Claus

    David Pogue selects the AirRam in round up of “Tech Gifts” to place under your tree.

    So we must have been very good this year. As you can imagine, it was quite a holiday treat to find that our AirRam was featured on CBS Sunday Morning's, "Holiday Gift Ideas from Techno Claus" segment for Christmas. For those who know him, this holiday gadget guru is actually David Pogue, one of the most respected technology writers in the country. The former New York Times columnist is now writing for Yahoo and contributes on CBS Sunday Morning.

    Pogue donned a Santa suit and composed a fun-loving ode to the latest and greatest tech treats to put under your tree. He called us powerful, lightweight and flexible. And as a lover of all things tech, our green technology and ability to track usage helped us stand out from the competition like tinsel on a tree.

    "It uses less juice than its rival, nice touch, and hooks to a laptop to show you how much!"
    - David Pogue (aka Techno Claus)

    Take a moment to check out his catchy holiday rhyme as he takes us through the best tech gifts of the season... and be sure not to miss our mention at 2:58. :-)

    A Very Happy Holidays to All and To All a Good Night!

  • Tech Writer Takes our Gtech AirRam for a Test Drive.. Calls Us the "Tesla" of Vacuums!

    Well, this one got our engines revving. Who wouldn't want to be put in the same category as one of the world's leading electric cars? Recently, the award winning daily web magazine,, did a review of the latest stand out technology. And the Gtech AirRam not only made the cut, tech writer, Will Oremus, loved our vacuum!

    After taking it for a test drive, he said he found our AirRam "surprisingly light and agile. It twists and pivots with a wide range of motion." OK, we know it handles like a dream, but how about picking up dirt?

    slate_quoteOremus wrote, "The AirRam made light work of my off-white living-room rug, which usually requires multiple passes before it starts to resemble its original shade. It handled my other rugs and hardwood floors with equal aplomb. It worked so well, and was so easy to maneuver, that I began to look around for other surfaces to clean."

    This is where things went off the map.'s intrepid tech writer took the AirRam where it's never gone before... to his cat's rug tree. How did it fare? Oremus says, "Amazingly, it worked, taking about two years off the cat tree’s appearance."

    Of course, that leaves one question... what did Mr. Oremus's feline friend think of AirRam's cleaning power? I think we can venture a guess his feline friend found it purrfect... (ok, that was corny, but hey, we're still a little giddy from the review). To find out what kitty really thought, read the full review by clicking here.

  • We listen! ... Customer Suggestion Leads to Warranty Benefit for All!

    At Gtech, customer service is job one. Recently a customer contacted us on Facebook asking why our batteries were not covered under our two year warranty. And you know what? It was a good question. So we looked into it.

    Our batteries have been extensively tested and designed to last up to 5,000 charges or roughly 5 years of use, which is way beyond the warranty. So I guess we figured it was all good. But our customer made the point that if it is good for about 5 years, why not make it part of the 2 year warranty? Again, good question. So we took this request straight to Gtech's founder and AirRam inventor, Nick Grey, and he agreed! So, thanks to one customer's suggestion, now all batteries... and that means yours too.. are covered for two years along with the vacuum!

    “That is great news, and a solid indication that Gtech strives to put its customers first. My grateful thanks to you and Mr. Grey,”
    Richard Rogers, AirRam customer.

    Yes, we make a great vacuum, and we know it will make your life easier, but we also want you to know, above all, your satisfaction is important to us... and we really do listen.

    See the story as it unfolded on Facebook [Go to Richard Roger’s post under “Recent Posts by Others”]. And be sure to send us add your comments and suggestions too. We want to hear from you!

    Richard Roger's Original Post on our Facebook page

    AirRam Customer, Richard Rogers suggesting that we cover our batteries under our 2 Year Warranty! AirRam Customer, Richard Rogers suggesting that we cover our batteries under our 2 Year Warranty!
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