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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Been thinking about buying an AirRam? You have to watch this live segment on QVC!


    We think this is one of the best live demos of the AirRam to date. Gtech’s intrepid AirRam expert, Justine Balmer, is back! She recently joined QVC host, Kerstin Lindquist, for a soup to nuts demonstration of the AirRam’s greatest features on QVC’s “Keep it Clean." But prior to our segment, Kerstin tried it out at home.

    “I was blown away… (The Gtech AirRam) is going to change the way you vacuum.” - Kerstin Lindquist, QVC Host

    Highlights of AirRam’s cordless, convenient, high performance (and just all around cool) capabilities include AirRam’s unmanned “vacuum shuffle” across the floor, some amazing 3D animation showing how the AirRam works from the inside out and an eye popping demo of AirRam’s low profile design and turn and pivot abilities.

    “It’s customer top rated. It’s sold out over and over again (on QVC) in the UK… A lot of people are starting to wake up and realize what an amazing vacuum this is and how this can change the way you vacuum. (The Gtech AirRam can) save you time, save you energy and keep your house cleaner.” - Kerstin Lindquist, QVC Host

    Click here to see the video, when youre done, scroll down and read some of the customers reviews to see what real people are saying about the AirRam.

    A big thanks QVC, Kerstin Lindquist and Justine for a great segment!

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