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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Featured Gtech AirRam Customer: Jane Shoemaker of North Carolina “Fell Instantly in Love!”

    Shoe vac 4

    Jane Shoemaker of North Carolina first saw the AirRam in an ad in the Wall Street Journal. Of course this intrepid former Philly journalist then did her homework. After reading a review in Popular Mechanics, she decided to give it a shot. As she writes in her review she immediately found the AirRam to be “easy to use, easy to clean and solves problems like no other vacuum.”

    And when it came to cleaning up after her faithful and furry companion, Tom, she loved the way the AirRam powers through pet hair. “Picks hair up in a snap!” she says.

    Jane says she went on to buy not one, not two, but several AirRams for family and friends. Among them a busy single mom with three kids and three cats (wow!) who told her the children now fight over who gets to vacuum. Also, a family member with health issues who found the AirRam to really help make life easier when it comes to cleaning. Read Jane’s entire review:

    Amazon Review: 5 out of 5 stars “Cannot get any better”“The AirRam is easy to use, easy to clean and solves problems like no other vacuum. Shedding dogs or cats? Picks hair up in a snap. Kids balk at cleaning their rooms? They will argue about who gets to use it first! Older with problems lifting a heavy vacuum? This one is powerful but light. Hate doing steps -- either bare or carpeted? This makes it simple. Hate moving from bare floors across carpet-rug and changing tools? This one does bare floors, jumps to carpet, and jumps back again with no problem. I'm not one who recommends products very often, but I heartily recommend this one.” Jane Shoemaker, North Carolina

    Thanks Jane (and Tom!) and happy vacuuming! To see more real Gtech AirRam customer reviews click here.


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