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  • Featured Gtech AirRam Customer: Priscilla Kinney of Pennsylvania says the AirRam “Makes Vacuuming Fun”

    The city of brotherly love is showing us some love. Priscilla Kinney from Philly, PA, recently gave us 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

    Priscilla credits her AirRam with helping her discover a love of vacuuming, “Vacuuming has been one of my most undesirable household chores until I bought an AirRam,” she writes. And as Elton John sang, they love that Philadelphia freedom, “The best feature is being cordless and not switching outlets or flipping a cord as I vacuum.” We also scored major points when it came to performance.

    Priscilla liked her AirRam so much she bought another one for her shore condo and one for her son. In fact word has spread throughout the Kinney clan, with her sister-in-law recently purchasing one too.

    A big thanks to Priscilla for taking the time to share her experience and helping us in our continuing effort to bring a love of vacuuming to people across the US!

    Read Priscilla’s entire review:
    Amazon Review: 5 out of 5 stars “Makes Vacuuming Fun”
    Vacuuming has been one of my most undesirable household chores until I bought an AirRam. It is so easy to go from carpeted areas to kitchen and steps with hard floors. Because it is so light, I don't think twice about carrying upstairs. But the best feature is being cordless and not switching outlets or flipping a cord as I vacuum. On second thought, the best feature is the job this small vacuum does! Some may find the need to empty dirt/dust collector a bother - I always appreciate seeing the collection of all those dust bunnies and dirt gathered by my wonderful AirRam. I bought a second AirRam for my shore condo, bought one for my son, and recently got word that my sister-in-law loves the one she purchased after trying mine! Finally kudos to the company - when I "complained"  that I found a discount coupon a week after purchasing my vacuum, they promptly refunded the amount to my credit card. - Priscilla Kinney, Philadelphia, PA

    To see more real Gtech AirRam customer reviews click here [insert link to amazon]

  • Gtech Ultimate Cleaning System: Save $200

    Lightweight Cordless vacuum system: Gtech promotion

     Receive a saving of $200 on our ultimate cleaning system. Efficient cleaning performance with the Gtech AirRam and Gtech Multi

    Enjoy a liGtech Cordless Vacuum Systemmited time price reduction of $200 on our ultimate cleaning system, consisting of AirRam, Multi, plus an additional 22v lithium-ion AirRam battery, 2 spare filters and a 14” (36cm) Multi extension tube. Our complete solution is individually priced at $694.80 but can be yours today for only $494.80 when you order together. This exclusive saving is only available when purchased directly through

    Why purchase our ultimate cleaning system?

    Experience cordless convenience with our ultimate cleaning system. The AirRam and Multi are the perfect vacuum cleaning combination when it comes to interior home and car cleaning. Our premium lightweight cordless vacuum system has a combined run time of 110 minutes which is enough time to clean a 2000 square foot house twice over.

    Gtech AirRam – Powerful cordless floor cleaning

    The AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner weighs just 7.7lbs, less than a gallon of orange juice. Due to its lightweight frame and ultra-low profile, the AirRam can effortlessly glide through your home picking up dust and debris from carpets and hard-floors.

    The spare battery that comes with our premium system deal means you are less to run out of charge at an inconvenient time. The spare filters that are included will come in handy when you need to wash your original filters (which we recommend you do every few weeks).

    Gtech Multi – Lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with attachments

    The Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect accompaniment to the AirRam. With its powerful suction and plethora of attachments, the Multi is the ideal vacuum cleaner to use when tackling those hard to reach corners and crevices. The 14” extension tube included in our system deal is the ideal tool for cleaning nooks and crannies that the Multi handheld vacuum cleaner may not be able to reach without the attachment. It also works well on skirting boards.

    Due to its small size and on-board attachments, the Multi is the ideal car vacuum cleaner. The additional car detailing kit available for purchase has been designed to help with interior car detailing.

    Order the ultimate cordless cleaning system today and receive a saving of $200 on the combined individual prices.

  • New Customer Offer - 10% Off Site Wide

    Enjoy 10% off your first order with Gtech Vacuums

    With Fall just around the corner, this time of year can be expensive. You may have recently returned from a costly vacation or perhaps your kids are off to college when the semester begins later this month. For a limited time only we are offering a special 10% discount across all our products and accessories, a saving that can be added even on top of our $200 dollar combined saving on our perfect vacuuming system. This exclusive offer is only available to new customers who have not made any previous purchases with us.

    To receive your coupon code, simply sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address in the red bar at the top of the page A confirmation email will follow, which contains your personal coupon code. You will need to enter the coupon code to your cart during the checkout process.

    Gtech Multi in Cart

    Lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners

    The combined cleaning power of the AirRam and Multi means you can effectively clean your home and car without the hassle of dragging a cumbersome cord around. Our lightweight cordless vacuum system is currently on offer for $494.80 ($399.90 without a spare battery and filters), a saving of $200 on the individual selling prices. If you use the additional 10% off coupon code then you could receive our ultimate cleaning solution for only $445.32.

    If you would prefer to purchase the AirRam or Multi separately, you can still benefit from exclusive direct prices. The AirRam is currently on offer for $299, a saving of $129. The Multi is on offer for $199.95, a saving of $50.

    Gtech AirRam

    Our cordless, upright vacuum cleaner easily glides from room to room, providing optimum performance in a lightweight design.

    The AirRam’s rotating brush bars allow you to pick up embedded dirt and pet hair with ease. Debris is compressed into bales and stored within the head of the vacuum cleaner. When the dust tray is full, simply drop the bales into the trash can.

    Gtech Multi

    The Gtech Multi is our handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, designed to clean those hard to reach areas that other vacuum cleaners may struggle with. With its lightweight design and on-board attachments, the Multi is the ideal tool to use throughout the home and car.

    Our new car detailing kit turns the Multi into the ultimate car vacuum cleaner. The kit consists of three additional attachments to help meet your interior car detailing requirements. The attachments include a soft dusting brush, a flexible crevice tool and a small upholstery too. This innovative car detailing kit is presented in a high quality padded case.

    Vacuum cleaner accessories

    If you already have one of our lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners, we sell a range of vacuum cleaner accessories, including our car detailing kit. The 10% coupon code is redeemable against all our accessories, so why not order a spare battery for you Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner or stock up on some spare filters?

    Once you have signed up to receive the Gtech newsletter, we will keep you up to date with the latest Gtech products and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link within any of our emails.

  • Car Detailing - How to Choose the Right Vacuum Attachment

    Gtech Car Detailing Kit

    When it comes to car interior detailing, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best results possible to keep that new car finish for as long as you can! But car detailing products don’t have to be complicated – especially when it comes to the interior. With a powerful handheld vacuum and the right vacuum attachments in tow, car interior detailing is simple.

    Efficient car interior detailing with your Gtech Multi

    The Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to be aa small and lightweight as possible, making it perfect for hard to reach places, just like the car!
    For interior car detailing that will keep your car looking as good as new, read our tips on how best to use the Multi and its accompanying vacuum detailing attachments to get the very best results.

    1. Dusting the interior trim

    Using the right tool to keep your car interior trim looking brand new is important, as you don’t want to use something that is too harsh and could cause scratches. The Multi soft dusting brush attachment features soft bristles that will not damage any interior trim in your car, but will effectively brush away and remove dust and debris as you clean. Great for the dash, this vacuum attachment is gentle enough for touch screen consoles and stereo systems too. Once you’ve used the soft brush attachment across the car dash and interior trim, a great way of making sure you’ve eliminated all dust is to go over the dash again with a baby wipe. This will leave your interior car trim looking clean and fresh.

    2. Hard to reach compartments

    Where you’re average vacuum cleaner can’t get into interior compartments and pockets to clean out crumbs and debris, the Gtech Multi is ideal. With the flexible crevice tool attachment that bends into position under car seats and into door pockets, you won’t have to struggle to remove dirt from your car’s interior. Instead of having to move from front to back, and from seat to seat, this flexible vacuum attachment has great reach, making interior car detailing absolutely haste-free.

    3. Upholstery and leather care

    Keeping upholstery clean can be difficult, especially if you have a family that likes to snack on longer journeys! But the Multi’s small upholstery vacuum attachment is highly efficient when it comes to removing crumbs and debris from car upholstery. Designed for precision cleaning, the upholstery tool is small enough to reach into the corners of seats to make sure you reach every last crumb. For older car upholstery you may want to try beating it with a tennis racket, or something similar, to lift all the dust within the upholstery. If however, you have a leather car interior, you may want to start your interior car detailing process by using the soft dusting brush. This will be kinder to the leather whilst still successfully removing dust and debris.

    Car detailing doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Using the right vacuum and the right vacuum attachments for each task will leave your car interior smelling fresh and clean in no time at all, and without the usual fuss. Check out the Gtech Multi and the accompanying car detailing kit today.

    car detailing kit

  • How to Clean Wood Floors With Your Gtech AirRam

    How to clean wooden floors with your Gtech Vacuum Cleaner

    When looking for the best vacuum for wood floors on the market, you’ll want to make sure that it’s efficient enough to pick up dirt and debris without damaging your floor or stripping away the finish. Read our guide below on how the Gtech AirRam can leave your wood floors gleaming, without the worry of damaging your floors.

    Gtech AirRam –High performance across carpets and hard-floors

    The Gtech AirRam is a highly efficient vacuum cleaner, allowing you to easily glide from carpeted floor to wood floors within your home. It has the ability to provide powerful yet gentle cleaning, making cleaning wood floors easier than ever before. Here’s why…

    Brush Bars

    The AirRam’s rotating brush bars help to pick up pet hair and debris, delivering high performance on wood floors and carpets alike. The AirRam will easily glide from wood floor to carpet, making it the ideal choice of vacuum cleaner for most floor types.


    The troublesome areas of wood flooring that usually collect the most dust are under furniture and in corners. These areas can be easily reached with the AirRam because of its ability to manoeuvre under low furniture and in tight spots. Where previously you may have needed to use a broom as well as a vacuum, the AirRam will easily pick up dust and debris so you can eliminate that unnecessary step of sweeping, giving you more time to put your feet up!


    The Gtech AirRam has been designed to be as lightweight as possible - weighing just 7.7lbs - so that you can easily glide it around your home or carry it up flights of stairs. This also means there’s no danger of denting or damaging your wood floors as you move your vacuum around your home. Given that the AirRam has all the power of a regular vacuum cleaner without the hindrance of a cord, you’ll also be able to clean your wood floors quickly and thoroughly.

    Compact and efficient cleaner emptying

    When cleaning wood floors with a broom it can often be difficult to pick up every last bit of debris, and effectively dispose of it. All the material collected in the AirRam is stored and compressed into small bails in the head of the vacuum. These are easily removed and emptied, making sure that you get rid of all the dust and debris from you wooden floors without any of the hassle.

    Top tips for protecting your wood floor

    Here are our top tips, aside from regularly vacuuming, that you can use to keep your wooden floor in mint condition.

    1. Avoid wearing heels or sports shoes with studs on wooden floor

    2. Any large spills should be cleaned up immediately – large amounts of liquids on your wooden floor can cause it to warp or stain

    3. If you have plant pots or any container which could be moist on your wooden floor, place a mat or tray beneath to avoid causing any damage

    4. Mats or rugs should be used at door entrances to avoid any moisture getting into the house and damaging your wooden floors

    5. Try to avoid using any bleach or strong cleaners on your floor as they could create stains

    Where possible avoid putting hot objects onto your wood floor as it could blister

    Gtech AirRam on Wooden Floor

    Visit the Gtech AirRam product page to learn more about our cordless vacuum cleaner.

  • Competition Winner

    Gtech Competition Winner Announced!

    Recently we asked you for your top cleaning tips for a chance to win a Gtech AirRam. And we were overwhelmed with the response! You contacted us from all over the country with your cleaning tips and advice on vacuuming, getting rid of stains, getting the children involved in the chores, and how to keep on top of it all.
    So we thought we’d share the best of the cleaning tips we received from you over the past couple of weeks. Take advantage of some of the creative cleaning tips below and keep your home fresh and clean.

    Top 7 Cleaning Tips from the Gtech competition

    1. Eliminate grease stains and nasty odors

    Looking for an effective way to remove grease stains from pots and pans? The answer could be sitting in your store cupboard already. Jen shared this top tip on our Twitter page:
    “Use baking soda for hard to remove stains like grease on pans or to eliminate odors.”

    2. Kill bacteria-ridden sponges. Don’t get rid of sponges straight after cleaning

    Eliminate bacteria in household sponges quickly and effectively with this clever tip from Stephen. “Sponges can be put in the microwave for 2 minutes to disinfect and kill microbes after cleaning.”

    3. Use the laundry timer to your advantage

    Don’t spend hours cleaning. Ensure you stay on task as you clean, so that you’re more efficient, and aware of which specific tasks you have to do. Ambrea shared her idea with us on Twitter:
    “Start a load of laundry and use the timer to keep you on task to clean for 30 minutes.” ‏

    4. A little goes a long way…

    Cleaning and chores can mount up. Becky suggested getting the children involved to do a little cleaning each day, so that you don’t have lots of cleaning to do at the end of each week. Becky shared her tip with us on Twitter: “Clean as you go! Do dishes, laundry, and quick mop daily. And have the kids pitch in too!”

    5. Keep your home smelling sweet

    There are lots of odor eliminating tricks you can use to get rid of unwanted smells in the home. But how about filling your home with smells that you love? Nick shared his idea with us on Facebook:
    “Vacuum up some coffee grounds your house will smell like coffee when you're cleaning!”

    6. Don’t forget your cleaning tools

    Are you gearing up to do a spring clean of you home, from top to bottom? As you move from room to room, it can be annoying to move all you cleaning tools around with you. Rushell shared this tip with us on Twitter to make sure you have all the tools you need as you clean:
    “Take a cleaning caddy with you from room to room so you don't spend time chasing down what you forgot!”

    7. Dryer sheets aren't just for the dryer!

    Dryer sheets can be really handy for all sorts of cleaning tasks. Use them to wipe dust from your blinds, or add a fresh smell to your furniture. Rhonda shared her cleaning tip with is on Facebook: “Use dryer sheets to dust your baseboards. Dryer sheets works well on dust since they banish static. They also keep your baseboards looking better longer because they actually coat as they clean for residual dust-fighting power.”

    And the winner is…

    ‏Congratulations to Jackie, also known as @Mom2NickandTony, who was the lucky winner of a new Gtech AirRam to help her out with her cleaning chores around the house. She came up with this great tip: Clean spills as soon as they happen. Your house will stay clean.

    Happy cleaning everyone!

  • Free Car Cleaning Kit

    Car detailing kit

    Throughout the entire month of June, we’re offering free car detailing kits with all vacuum system purchases. When you purchase the Gtech AirRam and the Gtech Multi together, you’ll receive your complimentary car cleaning kit (worth $49.95). This is the perfect accessory for precision cleaning your car.

    Our car cleaning kits are ideal for thoroughly cleaning your car. The car detailing kit comes with three separate attachments, each designed to help you reach the most difficult spots in your car. The tools are not limited to interior car detailing, and can also be used in the home for you to make the most of their cleaning flexibility. The tools include a soft dusting brush, a flexible crevice tool and a small upholstery tool, all provided in a padded case to keep your attachments safe and secure.

    What does the perfect vacuum system deal include?

    The perfect vacuum system deal includes both the AirRam and the Multi, our innovative and effective cordless vacuum cleaners that make vacuuming effortless.


    The Gtech AirRam is a lightweight, cordless vacuum with all the power of conventional handhelds. It was designed to make cleaning your house as easy and enjoyable as possible.


    The Gtech Multi was designed for hard to reach corners and ceiling areas. With a wide range of features including high-beam lights for dimly lit areas and a high performance dusting brush, as well as a 4 hour charging time, the Gtech Multi makes cleaning traditionally difficult areas quick and easy.

    Car Cleaning Kit

    With a free car detailing kit as part of this offer, cleaning otherwise impossible to reach places is effortless. The flexible crevice tool allows you to reach under and behind seats for a thorough clean, while the small upholstery tool and soft dusting brush are able to tackle all areas and fabrics in your car. The dusting brush has long, soft bristles – designed specifically to clean delicate surfaces without causing any damage, while the small upholstery tool is designed to tackle your upholstery with ease.
    Save $260 on your free Gtech car detailing kit. Simply purchase the perfect vacuum system before 06/30/15 to benefit from your precision car cleaning tools today.

    Multi Car Detailing Kit

  • The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

    Gtech Wins The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation

    About The Queen’s Award for InnovationQueen's Award

    The Queen’s Award for Innovation is the UK’s highest business accolade, handed down from Her Majesty the Queen on her birthday every year. The award rewards commercial success as a result of innovation, and applicants are only eligible through unique innovation that has proven outstandingly successful over a short period of time.

    The award’s emblem can be used in advertising, marketing and on packaging for 5 years to acknowledge quality and success.

    What this means for Gtech

    Gtech are pleased to announce that we have been named as the latest winners of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, acknowledging our contribution to cordless technology and our original product design and development.

    Gtech founder and CEO, Nick Grey, said “Gtech has grown from 20 to 65 employees in the last two years and the support they give the management team and I is second to none. Their dedication in designing high performance, cordless products and providing outstanding customer service makes me very proud. We will enjoy this moment and continue to work hard to honour the award for both our company and customers.”

    With large investment and two years of research, our achievement in cordless vacuum technology was only made possible through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Our desire to solve a simple problem with a simple solution and provide only the best products for our customers is what has allowed us to accomplish such success.

    Gtech Group Photo

    Photo: Gtech employees celebrating winning a Queen's Award for Innovation with champagne and cake.

    Find out more about the revolutionary Gtech AirRam today.

  • Extended Home Trial Guarantee

    Gtech Cordless Vacuums - Home Trial Guarantee

    At Gtech, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier with our innovative vacuums and excellent standard of service. This is why we have a risk-free home trial on our lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners. Because we are so confident that you will love vacuuming with AirRam and Multi, we have extended our usual 30 day risk-free home trial to 60 days to all of our customers. We hope this will help make your buying decision even easier.

    Gtech Vacuums - Home Trial

    Gtech Lightweight Vacuums - Free Delivery

    Our free delivery service is offered on all orders within the 48 contiguous states. Depending on where you live, shipping usually takes between 5 and 7 business days – so you won’t have to wait too long for your risk-free home trial on one of our cordless vacuums.

    Gtech Free Return Shipping

    If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Gtech vacuum, you can use our free return shipping service to return your item within 60 days. We offer our customers free return shipping, so you won’t be charged to try out an innovative Gtech cordless vacuum at any point in the home trial period. All you need to do is contact our customer services team and we’ll do the rest.

    Try out a Gtech lightweight vacuum for free with our 60 day risk-free trial. Contact one of the Gtech team today if you require more information.

  • Trust Pilot Reviews

    Gtech Cordless Vacuums - Trustpilot Reviews

    Read our Gtech vacuum reviews to find out more about our lightweight vacuums today.

    Gtech Vacuums - Trust Pilot Reviews

    Here at Gtech, we firmly believe in making top quality products for our customers. Our vacuums are designed with you in mind, making vacuuming quick, easy and enjoyable. Because our customers are the most important part of our business, we like to make sure that our products and our customer service are of the highest quality, and offer you everything that you need.

    Instead of letting us tell you, why not read what actual Gtech customers had to say about us? You can see what people had to say about their experiences using our products, so you can find out first-hand what it's like to use our innovative cordless vacuum cleaners.

    Gtech Customer Service Reviews

    Our Gtech customer reviews can help you understand exactly how we value and interact with our customers. We personally read all Gtech Trustpilot reviews and respond if you ever need help. We pride ourselves on making sure that we are always here if you need us.

    Gtech vacuum reviews can be found at

    Find out more about our lightweight vacuum cleaners today.

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