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Host of VH1's Gossip Table Says AirRam is the Perfect Gift for the One You Love!

"It's a unique way of saying I love you," said Noah Levy, lifestyle expert and co-host of VH1's The Gossip Table in a recent segment on New York City's 24-hour newschannel, NY1, and we couldn't agree more! I mean, hey, our mission is to provide the best loved vacuum in the world, so whenever we are equated with love, we get giddy!

Ok, back to the segment, we were joined by several other great gift ideas, but ended up dominating the segment (sorry Godiva) as they discussed why our AirRam is the perfect way to "think outside the box" and show your love for that special someone.

"This is something to get someone that you really know... It works, it picks up everything, and it's not noisy either! I love it I think it's a great gift," said Levy.

Well thanks Noah, we love you too. And your comment that "you could smile from a vacuum," put a big one on our faces!

Check out the full clip below.