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Competition Winner

Gtech Competition Winner Announced!

Recently we asked you for your top cleaning tips for a chance to win a Gtech AirRam. And we were overwhelmed with the response! You contacted us from all over the country with your cleaning tips and advice on vacuuming, getting rid of stains, getting the children involved in the chores, and how to keep on top of it all.
So we thought we’d share the best of the cleaning tips we received from you over the past couple of weeks. Take advantage of some of the creative cleaning tips below and keep your home fresh and clean.

Top 7 Cleaning Tips from the Gtech competition

1. Eliminate grease stains and nasty odors

Looking for an effective way to remove grease stains from pots and pans? The answer could be sitting in your store cupboard already. Jen shared this top tip on our Twitter page:
“Use baking soda for hard to remove stains like grease on pans or to eliminate odors.”

2. Kill bacteria-ridden sponges. Don’t get rid of sponges straight after cleaning

Eliminate bacteria in household sponges quickly and effectively with this clever tip from Stephen. “Sponges can be put in the microwave for 2 minutes to disinfect and kill microbes after cleaning.”

3. Use the laundry timer to your advantage

Don’t spend hours cleaning. Ensure you stay on task as you clean, so that you’re more efficient, and aware of which specific tasks you have to do. Ambrea shared her idea with us on Twitter:
“Start a load of laundry and use the timer to keep you on task to clean for 30 minutes.” ‏

4. A little goes a long way…

Cleaning and chores can mount up. Becky suggested getting the children involved to do a little cleaning each day, so that you don’t have lots of cleaning to do at the end of each week. Becky shared her tip with us on Twitter: “Clean as you go! Do dishes, laundry, and quick mop daily. And have the kids pitch in too!”

5. Keep your home smelling sweet

There are lots of odor eliminating tricks you can use to get rid of unwanted smells in the home. But how about filling your home with smells that you love? Nick shared his idea with us on Facebook:
“Vacuum up some coffee grounds your house will smell like coffee when you're cleaning!”

6. Don’t forget your cleaning tools

Are you gearing up to do a spring clean of you home, from top to bottom? As you move from room to room, it can be annoying to move all you cleaning tools around with you. Rushell shared this tip with us on Twitter to make sure you have all the tools you need as you clean:
“Take a cleaning caddy with you from room to room so you don't spend time chasing down what you forgot!”

7. Dryer sheets aren't just for the dryer!

Dryer sheets can be really handy for all sorts of cleaning tasks. Use them to wipe dust from your blinds, or add a fresh smell to your furniture. Rhonda shared her cleaning tip with is on Facebook: “Use dryer sheets to dust your baseboards. Dryer sheets works well on dust since they banish static. They also keep your baseboards looking better longer because they actually coat as they clean for residual dust-fighting power.”

And the winner is…

‏Congratulations to Jackie, also known as @Mom2NickandTony, who was the lucky winner of a new Gtech AirRam to help her out with her cleaning chores around the house. She came up with this great tip: Clean spills as soon as they happen. Your house will stay clean.

Happy cleaning everyone!