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Gtech Ultimate Cleaning System: Save $200

Lightweight Cordless vacuum system: Gtech promotion

 Receive a saving of $200 on our ultimate cleaning system. Efficient cleaning performance with the Gtech AirRam and Gtech Multi

Enjoy a liGtech Cordless Vacuum Systemmited time price reduction of $200 on our ultimate cleaning system, consisting of AirRam, Multi, plus an additional 22v lithium-ion AirRam battery, 2 spare filters and a 14” (36cm) Multi extension tube. Our complete solution is individually priced at $694.80 but can be yours today for only $494.80 when you order together. This exclusive saving is only available when purchased directly through

Why purchase our ultimate cleaning system?

Experience cordless convenience with our ultimate cleaning system. The AirRam and Multi are the perfect vacuum cleaning combination when it comes to interior home and car cleaning. Our premium lightweight cordless vacuum system has a combined run time of 110 minutes which is enough time to clean a 2000 square foot house twice over.

Gtech AirRam – Powerful cordless floor cleaning

The AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner weighs just 7.7lbs, less than a gallon of orange juice. Due to its lightweight frame and ultra-low profile, the AirRam can effortlessly glide through your home picking up dust and debris from carpets and hard-floors.

The spare battery that comes with our premium system deal means you are less to run out of charge at an inconvenient time. The spare filters that are included will come in handy when you need to wash your original filters (which we recommend you do every few weeks).

Gtech Multi – Lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with attachments

The Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect accompaniment to the AirRam. With its powerful suction and plethora of attachments, the Multi is the ideal vacuum cleaner to use when tackling those hard to reach corners and crevices. The 14” extension tube included in our system deal is the ideal tool for cleaning nooks and crannies that the Multi handheld vacuum cleaner may not be able to reach without the attachment. It also works well on skirting boards.

Due to its small size and on-board attachments, the Multi is the ideal car vacuum cleaner. The additional car detailing kit available for purchase has been designed to help with interior car detailing.

Order the ultimate cordless cleaning system today and receive a saving of $200 on the combined individual prices.