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How to Clean Wood Floors With Your Gtech AirRam

How to clean wooden floors with your Gtech Vacuum Cleaner

When looking for the best vacuum for wood floors on the market, you’ll want to make sure that it’s efficient enough to pick up dirt and debris without damaging your floor or stripping away the finish. Read our guide below on how the Gtech AirRam can leave your wood floors gleaming, without the worry of damaging your floors.

Gtech AirRam –High performance across carpets and hard-floors

The Gtech AirRam is a highly efficient vacuum cleaner, allowing you to easily glide from carpeted floor to wood floors within your home. It has the ability to provide powerful yet gentle cleaning, making cleaning wood floors easier than ever before. Here’s why…

Brush Bars

The AirRam’s rotating brush bars help to pick up pet hair and debris, delivering high performance on wood floors and carpets alike. The AirRam will easily glide from wood floor to carpet, making it the ideal choice of vacuum cleaner for most floor types.


The troublesome areas of wood flooring that usually collect the most dust are under furniture and in corners. These areas can be easily reached with the AirRam because of its ability to manoeuvre under low furniture and in tight spots. Where previously you may have needed to use a broom as well as a vacuum, the AirRam will easily pick up dust and debris so you can eliminate that unnecessary step of sweeping, giving you more time to put your feet up!


The Gtech AirRam has been designed to be as lightweight as possible - weighing just 7.7lbs - so that you can easily glide it around your home or carry it up flights of stairs. This also means there’s no danger of denting or damaging your wood floors as you move your vacuum around your home. Given that the AirRam has all the power of a regular vacuum cleaner without the hindrance of a cord, you’ll also be able to clean your wood floors quickly and thoroughly.

Compact and efficient cleaner emptying

When cleaning wood floors with a broom it can often be difficult to pick up every last bit of debris, and effectively dispose of it. All the material collected in the AirRam is stored and compressed into small bails in the head of the vacuum. These are easily removed and emptied, making sure that you get rid of all the dust and debris from you wooden floors without any of the hassle.

Top tips for protecting your wood floor

Here are our top tips, aside from regularly vacuuming, that you can use to keep your wooden floor in mint condition.

1. Avoid wearing heels or sports shoes with studs on wooden floor

2. Any large spills should be cleaned up immediately – large amounts of liquids on your wooden floor can cause it to warp or stain

3. If you have plant pots or any container which could be moist on your wooden floor, place a mat or tray beneath to avoid causing any damage

4. Mats or rugs should be used at door entrances to avoid any moisture getting into the house and damaging your wooden floors

5. Try to avoid using any bleach or strong cleaners on your floor as they could create stains

Where possible avoid putting hot objects onto your wood floor as it could blister

Gtech AirRam on Wooden Floor

Visit the Gtech AirRam product page to learn more about our cordless vacuum cleaner.