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Leading Digital Tech Magazine calls the AirRam a "Great Match of Elegance and Technology"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Recently, Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor at Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine took a look at our AirRam and talked to Nick about the Gtech story (for those who may not know, MET is made up of some of really smart people in the engineering and technology world... so this is a big deal for us!). We were thrilled to see she called the power behind our cordless design a rarity in the industry.

"(The AirRam) outperformed other cordless vacuum cleaners making a perfect vacuum." - Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor of Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine

She was also impressed with our significant energy saving benefits.

"It has an innovative design to collect and compress dirt into neat bales with only 100 watts of power. This translates (into a more than) 95% lower energy and operating cost... vs. other traditional models... There are no doubts that American consumers will love (Nick's) invention." - Paulinska-Thompson

Check out the whole story and hear what Nick has to say about his journey as a young entrepreneur and what the inspiration was for his success by clicking here.