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  • The Big Apple's Trendiest Trendsetters Call the Gtech AirRam “Sheer Brilliance”


    They say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to find out that one of the most highly respected online beauty & lifestyle publications has made the Gtech AirRam part of the in crowd.

    “Immensely popular in England for good reason, this efficient vacuum will forever spoil you for any other. You can easily run up and down stairs with it and it’s probably lighter than your purse. What’s more, it does the job of a much larger model.” – Kim Taylor, co-Editor-in-Chief, BeautyNewsNYC

    When it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, these beauty & lifestyle aficionados don’t mince words, so when they said the AirRam, will “amaze you with (it’s) sheer brilliance to the point where you’ll wonder why (it hasn’t) existed for decades,” well, let’s just say we were ready to throw a ticker tape parade down The Great White Way (we settled for our office… good thing we make vacuums).

    “The Gtech AirRam ushers in a new era in vacuums with its lightweight, environmentally efficient, cordless, bag-less, versatile features. It weighs a mere 7.7 lbs and is so sleek and ultra-modern that you’ll practically want to put it on display.” - Taylor

    You can bet we’ve got this review on display. Getting the nod from those whose job it is to stay ahead of the curve of what’s hip and happening in NYC? On that note, we’re heading to the local hot spot for a nice strong Manhattan. ;-) Thank you BeautyNewsNYC! To see the entire review click here.

  • Mother’s Day Fun Fact: Nick Grey Designed the AirRam for his Mom!

    Mother's day
    It’s true! Nick wanted to design a vacuum that would make his mom’s life easier (what a good son). So he set out to take everything people hate about vacuuming and make it disappear.

    - No more lugging around a big bulky vacuum – Check! Our light weight AirRam is only 7.7 pounds.
    - No more dragging around a cord from room to room – Check! We’re totally cordless.

    Don’t believe us? Hear Nick tell the story in this video. And best of all? Nick did it all without sacrificing performance. The AirRam’s revolutionary design ensures high performance on carpet, hardwood and tiled floors

    And here’s another fun fact: The AirRam has scored major points with arthritis suffers and those with joint problems. We were even a top pick in a recent Senior Outlook Today gift giving guide.

    Of course moms of any age can enjoy the benefits of the AirRam. And you know what would be another nice gift for her? Vacuuming the house. And that will be a lot easier with the cordless, light weight and powerful AirRam.. so win-win!

    Well, however you celebrate this Mother’s Day, we hope you enjoy it. And give Mom a big hug for us. She deserves it… she raised you didn’t she? ;-)

  • The High-Tech Texan Gives us High Marks!

    High Tech Texan

    They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but we recently scored high marks for our light weight design and easy maneuverability with the one and only, High-Tech Texan, Michael Garfield.

    Garfield, a regular guest on Dallas-based, WFAA, featured our vac in a Tech Tuesday segment about high tech spring cleaning gadgets. Garfield marveled at the weight of the AirRam (a whole 7.7 lbs.) and loved how it can easily get around.

    “It’s got an angle that you can get as low as you want to go.” - Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan

    And of course, being a lover of all things tech, the USB plug in scored more points than a prize pig at the county fair.

    “The best thing is… if you plug it in, it shows you how many calories you expend while you’re vacuuming. You can’t beat that!” – Garfield

    Well that got a good old “Yee-Haw” out of us! Thank you Mr. High Tech Texan. :) They say don’t mess with Texas so we’re thrilled to get a nod from the beautiful Lone Star State. See the entire review below!

  • Where Do You Stash Your AirRam?

    Kendra's iPhone 678 (2)
    We all know the AirRam is revolutionary, light weight and high performing, but one of the things people really love about it is its compact design, which makes it so easy to stash pretty much anywhere!

    Those who live in condos and apartments know space is at a premium. So, for them, the AirRam's slim features are a big plus! And let's not forget house dwellers too. Being able to park your AirRam anywhere around the house, instead of lugging a big bulking vac around, is a big bonus as well.

    So where do you stash your AirRam? We'd love to see. We've already got some great pics of inventive places to park our compact vac. Check them out on our Facebook page and then, post yours! The more creative the better! Happy Vacuuming! :)
    Kendra's iPhone 698

    Kendra's iPhone 885

  • Someone call George Clooney! The AirRam is Selected as One of the Hot Must Haves for Your Bachelor Pad.

    "A home can be drastically improved with just a handful of awesome items. Here’s a few recommended ones…" - Jack Archer, Airows

    We like the sound of it so far! No one knows hip and cutting edge like Jack Archer (even his name is cool), founder of the blog site, Airows. This guy has his finger on the pulse of what's hot in lifestyle, tech and design. He recently reviewed one of our AirRams and added us to his list of Cool Home Supplies for Your Bachelor Pad. After taking it for a spin, Archer quickly honed in on the things that really set the AirRam apart from the rest.

    "It’s CORDLESS, which doesn’t seem that game changing until you actually use it... it ups the convenient factor significantly and means you don’t have to constantly re-plug as you move throughout the space. You charge once and it lasts about ten times longer than you’d assume." - Archer

    That's right, on one charge, your Airram will run for about 40 minutes. Plenty of time to clean the house. So overall, what did Mr. Archer think?

    "Hands down, this is the best vacuum your money can buy." - Archer

    Seriously, someone call Clooney. Hollywood's hottest bachelor needs an AirRam (I'll deliver it in person ;-)). In the meantime, check out the entire review here.


  • A Thousand Thank You's for A Thousand Likes!!!


    It's party time at Gtech USA as we are celebrate 1,000 Likes (and counting) on Facebook! And we could not have done it without you. Thank you to our new found friends in the US who have discovered a love of vacuuming through our revolutionary, light weight and high performance vac, the AirRam.

    And we have no intention of slowing down! We are committed to bringing new and existing customers the same stellar product, top notch customer service and new products on the horizon, all designed to make your life easier! There is a reason market research company GFK, named Gtech the fastest growing vacuum brand in the UK* and we intend to bring the same success here in the US!

    So stay tuned as we expect to bring you lots more news and information as we grow our company here in the States. A thank you again for being a part of our journey! If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page and Like us too!

    *GfK RT UK, Vacuum Cleaners GB, Value Sales, Jan-Dec 2013.

  • Gtech USA is on the Move! Check Out the New Digs!


    We've been busy here at Gtech USA, not only working hard to provide the best-loved vacuum in America, but also moving to our new US headquarters in the funky little hamlet of Paulus Hook in Jersey City, New Jersey!

    We are so excited to start working from our new office space, just a stone's throw from the Big Apple. In fact, we have a beautiful view of the new World Trade Center, right down the street, across the mighty Hudson River.

    This will now be the new hub of our operations. We are homegrown at our US base of operations. And, hey, we're from 'Jersey... what more could you ask for? (oh yeah, and in answer to your next question, its exit 14C).

    For those who don't know, Paulus Hook in Jersey City, which is just across from downtown Manhattan, is a city on the move. There's a great history here; it's on the National Register of Historic Places for its pivotal role in the American Revolution (google Battle of Paulus Hook), and in the last decade a burgeoning arts district and major redevelopment has brought in new businesses, young urban professionals, families, fantastic cafes and shops to explore. It's a great place to visit!

    What's more, this area of Jersey City is just a stone's throw from our Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.. where so many people came to the New World to find their success in America. For thousands of immigrants, their first steps in the New World were taken here. So it seems quite appropriate that Gtech USA should land here... seeking to bring the same success we've had across the pond (where are the fastest growing vacuum brand in the UK in 2013*) to the US! Our goal is to bring that same love of vacuuming to millions of people across America.

    But to really understand the beauty of this area, you have to see it. So we put together a little tour of our new digs, the local landmarks and the amazing views. Check out our photos here on our Facebook page and there's plenty more to come as we welcome new team members to our Gtech USA team. And while you're there, please be sure to "like" our page so we can keep you up to date on all the Gtech happenings.

    *GfK RT UK, Vacuum Cleaners GB, Value Sales, Jan-Dec 2013.

  • Attention AirRam Owners! Spring has Sprung! Please Help us Share the Love!

    It's been a tough winter for most of us. But now, slowly but surely, it seems that Old Man Winter is finally taking a hike. So you know what that means? Time for our favorite time of the year.. Spring Cleaning!

    The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and spring fever is reaching... well.. a fever pitch! Love is in the air! And we want to share a little love with new customers through our Spring Fever Special.

    Right now, we are offering $50.00 off the price of our Gtech AirRam. Anyone can try a risk-free home trial of our revolutionary, cordless, light weight and powerful vacuum for less! As always, if they don't love their new AirRam, they get their money back and we pay the shipping! They don't spend a dime!

    So come on AirRam users... we know you love your AirRam.. share this post with your friends and help us share some love this spring and help others catch the fever!


  • Zoinks! Product Review, "Zell or Zilch," Gives AirRam Props on Performance & Function


    Cool name, huh? "Zell or Zilch" may be a catchy title, but when it comes to reviewing new products, consumer reporter Kristine Zell, from Charlotte's WCCB, pulls no punches. This lady tells it like it is when it comes to reviewing the latest products on the market. Products get her props or "Zell" if all goes well.. or a big old "Zilch" if she thinks customers should move along.

    As you can imagine, we were excited to hear that she chose our AirRam to review in a segment about modern cleaning products with a twist. When the segment finally aired, we were there, watching with anticipation! The first product (not ours) got a big old "Zilch!"... Ouch! Then it was our turn. Zell took our AirRam for a spin around her own home. Right off the top, she called it "super light weight" and easy to maneuver. So far so good. But what did she think about the cleaning power?

    "It really did a good job of picking up a lot of junk that I had, I wasn't sure because it is so lightweight and it is cordless but I was impressed... It stays charged for 40 minutes, that was plenty of time to clean my house." - Kristine Zell, Zell or Zilch

    Phew! She liked it... well, that's not true.. her actual words?

    "I love, love, loved it!.... for performance and function I'm giving it a Zell!" - Zell

    Woo-Hoo! We got a Zell! (I wonder if we get a trophy to go along with it) Anyway, we're happy our AirRam's performance, function and power stood out to this no holds barred consumer reporter.

    Check out the full review below!

  • Techmoan Takes Us for a Test Drive.... Gives Step by Step Review


    We've gotta say... we like this guy. Watch a few of his videos and you'll agree. The very charming and affable, Mat (just Mat) founder of the tech review site, Techmoan, bought an AirRam, on his own, and posted a very thorough video review.

    Mat gave viewers a step by step walk through of his experience with his new AirRam, right out of the box. He remarked at how easy it was to set up, even joking, "If you can't figure this out, there is something wrong with you." LOL.. good one, Mat.

    He went on to say he appreciated the AirRam's ability to get down low under furniture and easily steer around his house. But what really won over our intrepid techie was the ability to "cut the cord," so to speak.

    "Now the thing that I really like about this vacuum is the way that not having a (cord) on the back gives you some freedom to move around the entire house. You just can move from carpet to hard floor, go 'round the entire house. It's so quick. So that battery charge lasts an awful lot longer than you think because you can just move around the house so quickly and easily." - Mat, Techmoan

    Yes! You totally get us, Mat! We take everything that people hate about vacuuming and make it disappear!

    "I don't think I could go back to messing around with wires on a vacuum cleaner again. It seems too old fashioned after using this." - Mat, Techmoan

    You said it, Mat. Cords are so yesterday. :) Well, we hope you enjoy your AirRam for many years to come and thanks for the great review! Keep 'em coming!

    Check out the entire review!

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