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  • Let Your Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Inspire a Green Revolution

    Gtech seeks to rethink how we clean.

    We’d like our bagless upright vacuum cleaners to represent a core change in principle values: clean house, clean energy, clean future. In this spirit, we’ve offered some additional tips to reduce your energy footprint. Let the AirRam initiate a change. If everyone takes a small step in reducing their waste, the impact will be far greater than all of us.

    Use vinegar, the miracle cleaner.

    Vinegar can soothe your scalp, brighten colors in your laundry, remove lint, soften fabrics, stretch the life of your nail polish, and even treat skin problems. It achieves all of these things with zero pollutants and does not affect the water supply when you dump it down the drain. On top of everything else, it’s far more inexpensive than chemical-heavy alternatives!

    soapMake new soap from your slivers

    Save your tiny soap slivers every time you’re almost out of soap, then put them all together in a saucepan with some water, let it soak for 24 hours, and be sure to stir every once in a great while. Then, boil the mixture, remove it from heat and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil for each cup of soap. Pour the mixture into molds, i.e. milk cartons, and let harden. Then cut them into the sizes you’d like.

    Wrap your water heater with insulation

    It’s a simple move, and it can save up to 1,000 pounds of global-warming CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Imagine if everyone did this.

    toasterTry alternative cooking methods

    If you can microwave it, avoid the stove. If you can use a toaster oven, avoid the oven. Items like these converse far more energy.

    There’s lots more you can do to keep it green. These ideas should set the tone for your newfound energy-efficiency. If everyone does his or her part, it’s remarkable how much change we can affect. Save energy and keep it clean with your new AirRam, the ultimate new bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

    What are you doing to go green? If you have interesting methods you’ve devised on your own or learned somewhere else, we’d love for you to share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Keep checking in with us for more green updates.

  • Gtech’s Solution to Messy Nest Syndrome: An AirRam Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

    Your kids are off to college and it can be emotional - we know. There are empty rooms, it’s quieter, but now you’re free to enjoy the freedom of personal time and less responsibility.

    nest1Sure, you may have to answer the “send me some money” call from time to time, but your house is yours to do with what you please. And then summer’s back in the blink of an eye, or the time it takes to do a crossword, or get your garden together, and your kids return for a few months filling the house again with laughter, excitement, and, unfortunately, new messes.

    After the empty nest comes Messy Nest Syndrome (MNS).

    They’ve been back for a month or so, now, and Gtech can help you fight MNS, and focus on how lovely it is to have your children in the house again for a couple months.


    Gtech can help! The AirRam is the ultimate bagless vacuum cleaner. With its sleek design, its calorie-counter, and its modest weight, it’s simply just fun to use. Remember you’re the quarterback of the house, so call some plays!

    Get your kids to pitch in this summer, and deploy them to the areas of your home that look like a wild badger has run been released after years of captivity. Gtech will get things in order for you, and maybe your kids will learn a valuable lesson about responsibility to take back to school with them. That way, you can visit without freaking out.

    Just don’t open their desk drawers.

    How is Gtech undoing the damage of Summer Vacation for your house? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

  • The AirRAM Bagless Vacuum Cleans Up on “The View” and “Wendy Williams”

    The Gtech AirRAM is starting to enjoy its position as the forerunner of vacuum cleaner technology. Its revolutionary design is turning heads, and it was recently featured on “Wendy Williams,” as well as on “The View,” in a special segment for “The Best Spring Gadgets of 2013.” Dr. Gadget is usually an enthusiastic character, but was especially excited about Gtech’s 7.7-pound, battery-powered AirRAM bagless vacuum cleaner.

    The clip from “The View” highlights all the wonderful features this small, lightweight machine is packing. It’s energy-efficient, space-saving, rechargeable, and excellent for getting all those bits of debris off any floor surface. Lance Bass loved it during the segment and the AirRAM looked good up there next to the other gadgets, too. I dare say the AirRAM upright vacuum cleaner was the star of the show. Watch the clip below to see how easily it removes studio lint from the sample carpet, to much applause.

    [hana-code-insert name='the view ariram' /]

    Naturally, Wendy Williams loved the AirRAM, too. So much, in fact, that she gave one to every audience member! There is a wild herd of AirRAMs out there now, cleaning up the world’s messes one home at a time. She shared all of the amazing AirRAM features with her very excited audience, adding that the AirRAM can be stored under your bed.  We like the idea of an AirRAM keeping watch through the night.

    Yes, the Gtech AirRAM is making a name for itself, but you’ve got to give it a whirl to see for yourself. It’s now available online at Gtech and in store and online at Brookstone. Get in on the ground floor, so to speak, with the hottest new star in vacuum technology, the Gtech AirRAM. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch the AirRAM blossom.

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