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  • Installing Your Gtech AirRam Data Bridge Program

    cordless vacuum cleanerThe Gtech data bridge program allows you to connect with your AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner on a more personal level.

    From the data bridge you can monitor battery life, energy usage, energy cost savings, and the calories you’ve burned by using your AirRam! You can also regulate its energy efficiency and learn the proper maintenance for it.

    Here’s how to install the Gtech data bridge program:

    1)     Begin at Scroll to the bottom and click the link for
    “Software Download.”

    Data Bridge Software


    2)     Click the green “Download for Windows” button.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Software


    3)     When the window prompts you, select “Save File” and click “OK.”

    Save Data Bridge Software


    4)     Locate the saved file on your computer and “extract all” files from the AirRam Application files folder.

    Data bridge program install


    5)     Open the folder named “US.” In the US folder, click the “AirRam” file to begin the installation process. When prompted, click “Yes” to install.

    AirRam Software

    6)     Connect the Gtech AirRam to your computer with the provided Gtech cable when prompted.

    Gtech AirRam


    7)     When you see the “welcome” screen, you’ve successfully installed the AirRam data bridge software, and you’re ready to go!

    AirRam Software Program


    Working with the Gtech AirRam Data Bridge:

    Now that you installed the program, here are some features to check out to enhance the experience you have with your AirRam bagless vacuum cleaner:

    1)     General

    Click the tab marked “General” and you can view the following:

    • AirRam status. Is your AirRam working properly?
    • Battery cycle status.
    • Total use and use since last viewing in the program.
    • The money you’ve saved in energy costs.
    • The calories you’ve burned in your recent cleaning session and the calories you’ve burned since your last view.
    • In the bottom of the window you can see your power level and the last date you viewed the above info.

    AirRam Software Program


    2)     Maintenance
    Click the tab marked “Maintenance” and learn how to properly care for your AirRam.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


    3)     Settings

    Click the tab marked “Settings” to input your personal information and regulate the energy usage of the AirRam.

    • Input your weight and age for an accurate calorie count reading.
    • Choose “Eco Mode,” “Standard Mode,” or “High Power Mode” for lower to higher energy use.

    Energy Efficient Vacuum

    4)     Support

    Click the tab marked “Support” for company contact information and to download the User Manual for your cordless vacuum cleaner in case you have any other questions or feedback for the Gtech team.

    View and download our how-to guide for installing the Gtech AirRam Data Bridge here:

    [hana-code-insert name='Data Bridge How To on Slideshare' /]

    Now fire up your AirRam and waltz it around your living room so you can check the calories you’ve burned and the energy you’ve saved. The way you’d like to clean is yours to invent, so get started!

    How’s the data bridge working for you? We’d like to know! Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking our blog for more updates.

  • Keep the Sand at Bay with the Fearless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Cultural blending is when two or more cultures mix their ways of life.

    Think about pizza in America, or Japan’s penchant for dressing like Elvis. And it happens every summer right in your home. You’re one person on the beach, carefree and sunbathing, shirtless, unplugged and an entirely different person when you leave it at the coast and come home.

    However, the beach has a tendency to follow you there and the results are less than desirable; sand infiltrates everything. Months later you may lift a portion of carpet and see little grains of it in parts of your house you forgot existed!

    This summer, don’t let cultural blending between the swimming spot and the living room make a months-long mess! Let the Gtech AirRam keep ‘em separated. It’s ok; you don’t have to put your shirt back on if you don’t want to.

    cordless vacuum cleaner

    Gtech’s design makes it ideal for hard to reach places. It’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, so you’re free to travel wherever the sand traveled in your house. It’s lightweight, at a gentle 7.7 pounds, so you won’t have any problem getting it up on your steps to really dig in and clean.

    It’s versatile; let the arm down to reach way under your couch and other places that haven’t seen the light of day since you moved in. And the AirRam has the power to transform substances, something called “alchemy” back in the day (like way back).  The AirRam is a bagless vacuum cleaner; it takes granules of sand too small to track and transforms them into “tidy bales,” so you can toss the beach out when you’re done, in neat little bricks.

    Don’t let beach culture invade your home this summer! Outside is freedom and inside is order, and never the twain shall meet. Clean your house in style, grace, and comfort with the Gtech AirRam. Make sure to wash your feet first, though, or it’ll be a long process. And don’t worry; the beach is still out there waiting for you to get sandy and sun-soaked again when you’re ready!

    What do you do to keep the sand at bay when you come home? Share your techniques with us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Gtech’s Solution to Messy Nest Syndrome: An AirRam Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

    Your kids are off to college and it can be emotional - we know. There are empty rooms, it’s quieter, but now you’re free to enjoy the freedom of personal time and less responsibility.

    nest1Sure, you may have to answer the “send me some money” call from time to time, but your house is yours to do with what you please. And then summer’s back in the blink of an eye, or the time it takes to do a crossword, or get your garden together, and your kids return for a few months filling the house again with laughter, excitement, and, unfortunately, new messes.

    After the empty nest comes Messy Nest Syndrome (MNS).

    They’ve been back for a month or so, now, and Gtech can help you fight MNS, and focus on how lovely it is to have your children in the house again for a couple months.


    Gtech can help! The AirRam is the ultimate bagless vacuum cleaner. With its sleek design, its calorie-counter, and its modest weight, it’s simply just fun to use. Remember you’re the quarterback of the house, so call some plays!

    Get your kids to pitch in this summer, and deploy them to the areas of your home that look like a wild badger has run been released after years of captivity. Gtech will get things in order for you, and maybe your kids will learn a valuable lesson about responsibility to take back to school with them. That way, you can visit without freaking out.

    Just don’t open their desk drawers.

    How is Gtech undoing the damage of Summer Vacation for your house? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

  • #AirRamJams: Tune Up Spring Cleaning with the AirRam Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

    After the longest winter… Spring has finally sprung. It’s a season of rebirth, new beginnings, and thoughts of Spring Cleaning.   If Spring Cleaning is not your thing, don’t despair, vacuuming with the AirRam bagless vacuum cleaner takes the hassle out of cleaning your home, work space, or wherever.

    I'm so impressed! Never thought I'd look forward to vacuuming; never realized how much my previous cleaner left behind See more at: Brookstone.

     Love Vacuuming With the AirRam and the #AirRamJam Playlist

    We’ve rethought the vacuum so we thought why not give you a playlist of songs centered around the vibrant season to help you rethink the act of cleaning? Check out the first #AirRamJam playlist and let us know what you think! Winter was tedious, and cleaning used to be tedious, too. Let’s break the cycle.

    [hana-code-insert name='AirRam Jams 2' /]

    Music is motivational. It’s easy to get lost in thought, so why not put a beat to your work to keep your brain tapping in time? Studies have shown that a soundtrack is an efficient and pleasurable way to break out of repetitive work cycles. A recent article by The New York Times confirmed that music in the workplace allows your brain to think more creatively because you are actually, biologically happier. Melodies release mood-elevating dopamine in the part of your brain associated with rewards, like the rewards of a clean room and a fresh start.

    We’ve selected a playlist of the best songs to highlight Spring Cleaning’s rewards. Open the drapes, fling your windows wide, and let our music put some bounce in your step as you make your way around the room with our cordless vacuum cleaner. Since we’re in the business of innovation, why not make a dance of it? Listen to our new #AirRamJam playlist for the best music to usher in a beautiful new Spring. Just because there’s something in the air doesn’t mean there should be something on the floor.

    [hana-code-insert name='AirRam Jams 1' /]

    Join the #AirRamJam conversation on Twitter!

    [hana-code-insert name='Twitter AirRamJams' /]

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