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  • The Gadgeteer compares us to.... the "D" word ;-)

    Yes, she said it... Julie Strietelmeier, the self proclaimed "gadget freak" from The Gadgeteer says our AirRam rivals Dyson!

    "Move over Dyson, there’s a new sweeper in town." - Julie Strietelmeier, Owner & Editor in Chief, The Gadgeteer

    We were hoping a lover of the latest and greatest gadgets would be impressed with our AirRam's many features, which are all geared to take everything you hate about vacuuming and make it disappear.

    "The AirRam can be used on wood, tile and carpeted floors and can run for up to 40 minutes per charge. All these features alone make it sound pretty interesting, but wait, there’s more… The AirRam can connect to your computer via a USB cable and tell you how many calories you burned while using it and also how much electricity you saved." - Strietelmeier

    Julie also noted our risk free offer (she doesn't miss a trick!). Check out the full review by clicking here.


  • Doug Bardwell of Says When it Comes to the AirRam... "Get Ready to be Surprised"


    Doug Bardwell, the intrepid traveling tech writer, took a look at our AirRam and we're happy to say he likes us! He really, really likes us!

    "This revolutionary cordless vacuum is a giant leap forward into cleaning technology... Once you turn on the AirRam, you are in for a number of surprises." - Doug Bardwell,

    See? It's just what WE'VE been saying all along! Thanks Doug! Seriously though, we were really impressed with his insightful and incredibly thorough review... (this guy doesn't miss a thing!).

    "First, this thing almost pulls itself across the floor – all you need to do is twist the handle to effortlessly steer it left, right or straight... It is so quiet by comparison to anything I’ve ever used before – battery or electric powered." - Bardwell

    Quiet and maneuverable, but what about the power?

    "Powerful is hardly the word – amazing is more like it. This thing picks up everything – the first time. No more running a vac back and forth multiple times to pick something up. With the brushes spinning at 3,000 RPM, this thing grabs the first time and doesn’t let go." - Bardwell

    And we like his idea for easy storage of our AirRam.

    "By folding it open all the way flat, you can then easily hang it in a small compact space, saving lots of room for other cleaning supplies." - Bardwell

    And being a guy that knows a good deal when he sees it, Doug took note of our risk free guarantee.

    "If anyone is in the market for a vacuum, you seriously must consider this Gtech AirRam. Lighter in weight, yet outperforms anything I’ve seen. The unit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – they even pay the freight – so there is absolutely nothing to lose. If you’re like me, after 30 days they couldn’t pry it out of my fingers." - Bardwell

    Safe travels, Doug! We look forward to reading more from your globetrotting quest for the latest gadgets and gear. To see the whole article click here.

  • One of our favorite bloggers (trust us, this lady can write!) gets her hands on our AirRam... and it brings tears to her eyes!

    Natalie Wright, a Salt Lake City mommy blogger, local television DIY expert and founder of, took some time to take our AirRam for a test drive... and the result brought tears to our eyes too!


    Natalie sang the praises of the AirRam's cordless features, helping her whisk her way around her house in half the time. In fact she even broke down the benefits into an easy to understand equation.. which we love!

    "No cord + less time = house cleaning amazingness." - Natalie Wright, Natalme

    Next she took on the stairs.. and that's where the sparks (of love, that is) really started to fly!

    "The swivel head will seriously make you swoon, and my first time using this bad boy on my stairs I think I might have cried a little. My current vacuum is a NIGHTMARE on my stairs." - Wright

    She rounded it all out by calling us "freaking amazing"... you just can't ask for a better review than that, can you? Oh, but did we mention Natalie called us "adorable?" :) we're still blushing. I guess you can say we found our Mrs. Wright! Thank you Natalie, we hope you enjoy your AirRam for years to come! And keep up the great blogging!
    Check out her review for yourself right here.

  • Leading Digital Tech Magazine calls the AirRam a "Great Match of Elegance and Technology"

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Recently, Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor at Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine took a look at our AirRam and talked to Nick about the Gtech story (for those who may not know, MET is made up of some of really smart people in the engineering and technology world... so this is a big deal for us!). We were thrilled to see she called the power behind our cordless design a rarity in the industry.

    "(The AirRam) outperformed other cordless vacuum cleaners making a perfect vacuum." - Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor of Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine

    She was also impressed with our significant energy saving benefits.

    "It has an innovative design to collect and compress dirt into neat bales with only 100 watts of power. This translates (into a more than) 95% lower energy and operating cost... vs. other traditional models... There are no doubts that American consumers will love (Nick's) invention." - Paulinska-Thompson

    Check out the whole story and hear what Nick has to say about his journey as a young entrepreneur and what the inspiration was for his success by clicking here.

  • Our Hearts are all a Flutter as We Make the Seniors Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2014!

    Cupid's arrow apparently struck the Senior Outlook Today team as we made their annual list of perfect gifts for that special someone on Valentine's Day. And we are proud to say, not only did we make the list, we took the top spot in the Home category of best gifts to buy.

    "For the frequent cleaner, the Gtech AirRam is a smart and stylish Valentine’s Day gift... half the weight of traditional vacuums, this chore becomes a breeze and transitions perfectly on all floor surfaces. It has a great sleek modern look and weighs 7.7 lbs." - Senior Outlook Today

    This review is better than a box of chocolates (although we do love chocolate). Thank you Senior Outlook Today for sending some love our way this Valentine's Day, helping us help the world discover a love of vacuuming!
    See the entire list and our review by clicking here.

    Senior Outlook Today

  • Mommy Blogging Powerhouse Puts Our AirRam to the Ultimate Test!

    Outnumbered 3-1, a blog started by a mom who lives under one roof with 3 guys (her husband and two sons) and three dogs (obviously she's a glutton for punishment.. we kid! ;-)) has grown into a blogging powerhouse of a dozen women blogging about everything from recipes to crafts to DIY tips. So as you could imagine, we were thrilled to learn the woman herself, founder Melissa Hagan, was going to review our AirRam. And according to Hagan, we had her at cordless!

    "I have to vacuum daily, some days multiple times! I need a vacuum that will do the job quickly and perform at its best every time." - Melissa Hagan, Outnumbered 3 to 1 Founder

    So she put us to the test, in a house that was sure to be a challenge... two young boys, a husband and not one, not two, but three dogs! So how did we measure up?

    "The Gtech AirRam is lightweight and can easily be carried upstairs. It has really great suction, easily picking up dog hair and other debris... I am loving this vacuum." - Hagan

    Phew! And hey, we even won over the big guy.

    "My husband can attest to its suction power and even commented that he loves how it will fluff up our carpet after vacuuming." - Hagan

    Read the full story as Melissa chronicles her experience with the AirRam (right out of the box!) by clicking here. Thanks Melissa and all the ladies at Outnumbered. Keep on Blogging!

  • The Muscleman of Technology Calls our Mighty AirRam "The World's Most Advanced Vacuum!"

    Our powerful AirRam continues to flex its muscles, garnering attention at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Recently, the self proclaimed "Muscleman of Technology," Bruce Pechman, included us in his "Best Of" review from CES 2014.

    We were featured in a lively live demo on KUSI San Diego. Check it out (4 minutes in to the video) and hear what Bruce has to say about the AirRam's power and features.... and find out just how dirty a news studio floor is... eeww.

    AirRam Featured in Bruce Pechman's "Best Of the CES Show 2014"

  • Attention Gtech Users: According to the Experts, You're a Smart Consumer

    Gtech AirRam Receives Four Prestigious Design and Product Awards

    When you purchased your Gtech AirRam, you made an investment. It's important to us that you know you made a sound one. And according to some of the most respected home product experts and designers in the world, you did!

    In just the last few weeks, we have received some major accolades. First, home improvement heavyweight, This Old House, included us in their much sought after, annual "TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products"

    "Oh, the pleasure of vacuuming without constantly snaking the power cord out of the way! It deposits debris in a chamber... compacting it into tidy bales rather than pulling it through a series of tubes, filters and bags. At 7.7 pounds, it handles like a dream."
    - This Old House Top 100: Best New Home Products Review

    If that wasn't enough, Good Housekeeping, the magazine that has been advising people on the best products for their home for nearly 130 years (seriously... we checked, they launched in 1885!) gave us their coveted seal of approval.

    “Lightweight and convenient to use, this cordless cleaner scored a hit with the GHI testers. Using only a fraction of the electricity of its main competitors it packed a punch, picking up dirt and debris with ease.”
    - Good Housekeeping’s Head of Consumer Testing, Patricia Schofield

    Now here's one you may not be as familiar with, but it's a biggie. Your AirRam also picked up a prestigious GOOD DESIGN award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in the Household Products category. We were cited as a breakthrough in vacuum cleaner design. For those who don't know, GOOD DESIGN is the world’s oldest, most recognized program for design excellence. We were chosen among thousands of entries from nearly 40 countries around the world.

    And did we mention we just got back from CES? Ok, for those not in the know or not of the nerdy, techie type, CES is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (baby). And what happened there won't stay there (if we have anything to do with it). We are thrilled to let you know that our  AirRam 100 Watt Eco Vacuum Cleaner won an Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award Honoree for 2014!

    So it looks like we are off to a great start! We thank you for being part of our journey and passion to rethink what has always been and find ways to make life easier. And we will not rest on our laurels! We will continue to rethink, redesign and reimagine as we make our way through 2014. As always, share your thoughts with us and let us know what we can do to make sure you love our products and ...dare we say it?... discover a love of vacuuming!

  • Keep Your Cleaning Schedule as Light as Your Cordless Vacuum

    It’s so easy to lose track of the day as you juggle its many responsibilities: errands, phone calls, emails, lunches, dinners, business meetings, naps (if you’re lucky), etc., etc., ETC.

    To ease the daily to-do list struggle, we decided to organize your cleaning schedule so it fits in with everything else. In this blog, Gtech will break down the frequency with which you should do certain cleaning processes in a manner which will work for any lifestyle. And remember, if you’re vacuuming with our lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, you will get things done even more smoothly.

    Here are some suggestions for keeping a healthy, happy home. Cleaning
    Make your bed and gather clutter. Do the former in the morning and the latter in the evening.

    Do the dishes. You can let them pile up until the end, but do them before you go to bed. You don’t want to let foodborne bacteria hang out for too long.


    IMG SRC: Cleaning
    Dust! Dust everything once a week: furniture, pictures, electronics, and any other surfaces. This will keep that accidental antique feel out of your home, and it will keep allergies at bay, too.

    Vacuum! Give the AirRam a whirl. If you do it once a week, it won’t take as long to get the dust out of those carpets.


    IMG SRC:

    Monthly Cleaning
    Deep clean. Find one projects to focus on each month. Maybe this month it’s microwave, and next month it’s the oven. Don’t forget to wash your bedding and curtains.


    When you break your cleaning up in compartmentalized routines, it’s far more manageable. Let the best cordless vacuum, the AirRam, make vacuuming easy, and the other steps will follow suit!

  • The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Goes Viral

    With the advent of mass social media, technology has given objects personality, and the vacuum is no exception.

    If you look at the AirRam you can’t deny that it has a certain swagger about it. We love that with the AirRam, vacuums no longer have to be cumbersome, stressful things. In celebration, here are some of our favorite YouTube viral videos centered around vacuums:

    Robots Love Vacuums

    [hana-code-insert name='robots love vacuums' /]          

    Cats Love Vacuums

     [hana-code-insert name='cats love vacuums' /]

    Dads (and Kids) Love Vacuums

    [hana-code-insert name='dads love vacuums' /]           

    The AirRam is helping shift the paradigm on its own. Have lighthearted, and lightweight, fun with our cordless vacuum cleaner, and create some memorable videos of your own!

    What’s your viral  vacuum moment? Make a video and share it with us on Facebook and Twitter! Keep reading our blog for more vacuum fancy, while you’re at it.

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