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  • This Year, Let Gtech Help You Resolve to Make Your Life Easier! 

    Hey it’s a new year, take a chance. What have you got to lose? Actually nothing. As always, our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. In fact, if you aren’t happy we not only refund your money, we pay to ship it back. So you don’t spend a dime if you’re not satisfied. Continue reading

  • Featured Gtech AirRam Customer: Priscilla Kinney of Pennsylvania says the AirRam “Makes Vacuuming Fun”


    The city of brotherly love is showing us some love. Priscilla Kinney from Philly, PA, recently gave us 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

    Priscilla credits her AirRam with helping her discover a love of vacuuming, “Vacuuming has been one of my most undesirable household chores until I bought an AirRam,” she writes. And as Elton John sang, they love that Philadelphia freedom, “The best feature is being cordless and not switching outlets or flipping a cord as I vacuum.” We also scored major points when it came to performance.

    Priscilla liked her AirRam so much she bought another one for her shore condo and one for her son. In fact word has spread throughout the Kinney clan, with her sister-in-law recently purchasing one too.

    A big thanks to Priscilla for taking the time to share her experience and helping us in our continuing effort to bring a love of vacuuming to people across the US! Read Priscilla’s entire review:

    Amazon Review: 5 out of 5 stars “Makes Vacuuming Fun”Vacuuming has been one of my most undesirable household chores until I bought an AirRam. It is so easy to go from carpeted areas to kitchen and steps with hard floors. Because it is so light, I don't think twice about carrying upstairs. But the best feature is being cordless and not switching outlets or flipping a cord as I vacuum. On second thought, the best feature is the job this small vacuum does! Some may find the need to empty dirt/dust collector a bother - I always appreciate seeing the collection of all those dust bunnies and dirt gathered by my wonderful AirRam. I bought a second AirRam for my shore condo, bought one for my son, and recently got word that my sister-in-law loves the one she purchased after trying mine! Finally kudos to the company - when I "complained"  that I found a discount coupon a week after purchasing my vacuum, they promptly refunded the amount to my credit card. - Priscilla Kinney, Philadelphia, PA

    To see more real Gtech AirRam customer reviews click here.

  • The Gtech AirRam is so easy to use, even a 10 year old can do it!

    The Gtech AirRam is Cordless, light, high performance and pretty darn cool. Just ask 10 year old, George, who posted this great review! Apparently we're loved by adults and kids alike! Thanks George! :)


  • Fox News’ Tech Take Says Gtech AirRam “Has Some Serious Power”

    Fox News is known for telling it like it is, so we were thrilled to hear that journalist, Adam Housley, chose to review us in his Tech Take segment about gadgets to help you in your home. Right off the bat, Adam honed in on our cordless, lightweight features. 

    “This thing is cordless which I love… it’s completely light. It’s like picking up a whiffle ball bat.” - Adam Housely, Fox News  

    Of course, light and cordless is great, but how did he think we performed? 

    “This thing has some serious power to it… Lifts dirt from any surface… hardwood floors, carpets... (the AirRam) works really well.” - Housley 

    Nice! In the end, we won over this tough talking newsman. 

    “I was impressed. I was a little bit unsure about it at first but I have to tell you this thing has some pop to it.” - Housley 

    Our thanks to Fox News and Adam Housley for their unbiased, no-holds-barred review! To see the entire clip, click here.

    #AirRam #Gtech #FoxNews #Adam Housley #TechTake #GtechAirRamReview

  • This July 4th Celebrate Your Independence By Cutting the Cord!


    July 4th is all about fun, fireworks and celebrating our independence. And what better way to do that than to finally free yourself from all the things that make vacuuming a chore!

    That’s what the Gtech AirRam is all about. Our revolutionary designed vac makes cleaning a breeze! First, we cut the cord. No more tripping over cords or struggling to find an outlet. It’s completely cord free! Then we made it lightweight. At just 7.7 pounds, lugging a big, bulky vac around the house is a thing of the past. And we also ditched the bag. Our compact, sleek, high performing AirRam compresses dirt and debris into small compartments that empty with ease.

    So take a stand this Independence Day, ditch that big bulky vac and try the AirRam risk free! Try it in your home for 30-days, if you don’t love it we’ll pay to ship it back so you don’t spend a dime. And right now, in honor of Independence Day, we are offering $50.00 off the price. So what do you have to lose? For more information, click here.

    From the Gtech family, we wish you a Happy and Healthy July 4th holiday!

    #Gtech #AirRam #July4th #IndependenceDay #USA

  • Did You Know the AirRam Can Help You Live The Fabulous Life?

    Fit & Fab Living

    Oh the fabulous life, who doesn’t want it? Well according to editors at one must-have of the fit and fabulous is the AirRam! The site that makes it their mission to provide devoted readers with trusted information to help them look and feel their best took note of our compact design, lightweight features, performance on pet hair and, of course, our ability to help you stay in shape! Writer, Michelle McConnaughey, loved the AirRam’s space saving design for city dwellers, like herself, who always found it tough to find a place for her bulky vac in her 600 square foot Chicago apartment.

    "Everyone needs a vacuum, but not everyone has the space for it. My old vacuum took up half the space in my utility closet… My dog, Penny, sheds like crazy, so I typically vacuum at least five times a week. There is nothing worse than finally finding a way for my vacuum to fit in the closet, then having to take it back out a few hours later. I had enough, and decided to try out the Gtech AirRam vacuum.” - Michelle McConnaughey,

    And we’re sure glad she did! Michelle marveled at how lightweight our AirRam is and its ability to power through her beloved pooch’s pet hair.

    "(The AirRam is) only 7.7 pounds, so it doesn't break my back when I use it. (It) did an excellent job of picking up the dog hair in my apartment, or as I like to call it, Penny-proofing.” - McConnaughey

    Penny-proofing, love it! And, of course, if you wanna feel fab, you wanna feel fit! Michelle loved the ability to track how many calories you burn and how much energy you save by using the AirRam.

    "I mean, come on, that's pretty awesome. I love knowing that my body is getting some-what of a workout even when I'm not at the gym.” - McConnaughey

    In the end, it appears we have a new devoted fan!

    "I will never trip over a vacuum cord or struggle to stuff a vacuum into a closet again.” - McConnaughey

    Thanks Michelle for the Fab review! We think you’re pretty fabulous too! To read the entire review, click here.

    #AirRam #Gtech #fitandfabliving #bestcompactvacuum #vacuumworkout #bestlightweightvacuum

  • This Father’s Day, Forget the Ties and Coffee Mugs, Get Dad “The Man’s Vac.”

    There’s an old saying “the bigger the boy, the bigger the toy,” and that has never applied more perfectly than when it comes to the many reasons guys love the AirRam. It’s got everything they love: performance, convenience, and cool gadgets… Oh, and did we say performance? Your guy will love the high performing AirRam. Don’t believe us? Just check out what some Mommy Bloggers said when their hubbies picked up an AirRam.

    My husband is wild about it too… I heard him yell from upstairs, “You have GOT to see this!” He was as giddy as I’ve ever seen him. Truly.” - Cate Mezyk,

    She even tagged her blog post “Happy Husband.” And Melissa Hagan of Outnumbered 3-1 says her guy is also a fan.

    Overall, I am loving this vacuum… My husband can attest to its suction power and even commented that he loves how it will fluff up our carpet after vacuuming!” – Melissa Hagan,

    And gadgets? We’ve got those too. Once dad is done, he can plug his AirRam into his computer and find out how much electricity he saved and calories he’s burned. How cool is that? Saving money AND trimming the waistline. Not bad. So remember: Cordless + Performance + Gadgets = Happy Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

    #FathersDayGiftIdeas #BestFathersDayGifts #FathersDay #BestGuyGifts #AirRam #Gtech

  • Win a Gtech AirRam from Woman’s Day!


    Wanna win a Gtech AirRam? Well now’s your chance. We are thrilled to announce that one of the country’s leading women’s publications, Woman’s Day, has chosen us to be part of a giveaway going on now until August 13th. Woman’s Day has established itself as an indispensable resource to some 20 million female readers, empowering them with smart solutions for home, health, style and money. For a chance to win one of two AirRams up for grabs, click here. Good luck!

    #AirRam #Gtech #WomansDay

  • Catch the Gtech AirRam Live this Weekend on QVC!

    Got any plans this weekend? Well cancel them! Because the we're making our big debut on QVC. See the Gtech AirRam live and in action on QVC’s popular Sunday’s with Carolyn and Dan starting at 9:00am. For more information, click here. We’ll see you on the big screen this Sunday at 9!

    #AirRam #Gtech #QVC #SundayswithCarolynandDan #FathersDayGiftIdeas

  • Editors at Modern Man Say the Gtech AirRam “Totally Sucks!” And We Couldn’t Be Happier!

    Modern Man 2

    Ah, vacuum humor. It’s really one of the only places you can say a product “sucks,” and it’s actually a good thing. That’s what editors at Modern Man are saying about the Gtech AirRam in a wonderfully written, and very manly, review. And we’re thrilled!

    “The Gtech AirRam totally sucks. That’s a compliment. (It) sucked up cat hair, litter, and food. And had we tried, we bet it would have also picked up the freaking cat.” – Modern Man

    For the cat lovers out there, it’s true the AirRam is powerful enough to pick up lots of stuff, but FiFi is safe, we promise.

    “The AirRam’s best feature was its rotating handle (that) also allows it to maneuver around awkward corners and tough-to-reach spots like under the coffee table (and) bed.” – Modern Man

    And, of course, when it comes to guys, it comes down to the brass tacks.

    “There are certain household cleaning items all guys need to own, and vacuum cleaner (makes) the list… With a vacuum you can cheap out and go with some no-name bucket of bolts… but chances are it won’t suck up dirt very well and you’ll be forced to upgrade sooner than you’d like. The Gtech AirRam… got the job done for us.” – Modern Man

    Woo-Hoo! We feel so manly now. We’re gonna saddle up the local bar and order up a nice cold brew (but make it a light… we’re watching our waistline). Seriously though, thanks to the editors at Modern Man for their informative, fun and thorough review! To read it, click here. :)

    #AirRam #Gtech #ModernMan #AirRamReviewModernMan #TheMansVac #GuyGifts #Father’sFayGiftIdeas

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