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  • What Does the AirRam have in common with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry? Plenty!

    OK, we might be exaggerating just a little bit. But we did just get reviewed by witty, no-holds-barred writer, Michael Mardings, on Michael's musings have taken aim at everyone from Katie Perry's SNL bomb to Justin's jail bail... thankfully, he took a liking to our AirRam and gave us a 5-star review!

    "...the AirRam doesn't only clean, but it also helps you stay in shape. Connect it to your PC via the USB and it measures how many calories you burned while cleaning." - Michael Mardings,

    What celeb isn't constantly working to stay in tip top shape? And we're sure after some sizzling Tinseltown soiree, there's lots of cleaning up to do. But as Michael points out, you can get rid of the dirt and debris faster than you can say "Paparazzi!"

    "And because it's bagless you don't have to worry about making a mess swapping out bags. Simply open the container and dump its contents into the trash." - Mardings

    Thanks Michael and keep up the great work! We look forward to reading more on all the hot Hollywood happenings on

    Check out his full review here!


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