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  • Leading Digital Tech Magazine calls the AirRam a "Great Match of Elegance and Technology"

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Recently, Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor at Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine took a look at our AirRam and talked to Nick about the Gtech story (for those who may not know, MET is made up of some of really smart people in the engineering and technology world... so this is a big deal for us!). We were thrilled to see she called the power behind our cordless design a rarity in the industry.

    "(The AirRam) outperformed other cordless vacuum cleaners making a perfect vacuum." - Lidia Paulinska-Thompson, senior editor of Media & Entertainment Technologies online magazine

    She was also impressed with our significant energy saving benefits.

    "It has an innovative design to collect and compress dirt into neat bales with only 100 watts of power. This translates (into a more than) 95% lower energy and operating cost... vs. other traditional models... There are no doubts that American consumers will love (Nick's) invention." - Paulinska-Thompson

    Check out the whole story and hear what Nick has to say about his journey as a young entrepreneur and what the inspiration was for his success by clicking here.

  • Our Hearts are all a Flutter as We Make the Seniors Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2014!

    Cupid's arrow apparently struck the Senior Outlook Today team as we made their annual list of perfect gifts for that special someone on Valentine's Day. And we are proud to say, not only did we make the list, we took the top spot in the Home category of best gifts to buy.

    "For the frequent cleaner, the Gtech AirRam is a smart and stylish Valentine’s Day gift... half the weight of traditional vacuums, this chore becomes a breeze and transitions perfectly on all floor surfaces. It has a great sleek modern look and weighs 7.7 lbs." - Senior Outlook Today

    This review is better than a box of chocolates (although we do love chocolate). Thank you Senior Outlook Today for sending some love our way this Valentine's Day, helping us help the world discover a love of vacuuming!
    See the entire list and our review by clicking here.

    Senior Outlook Today

  • Mommy Blogging Powerhouse Puts Our AirRam to the Ultimate Test!

    Outnumbered 3-1, a blog started by a mom who lives under one roof with 3 guys (her husband and two sons) and three dogs (obviously she's a glutton for punishment.. we kid! ;-)) has grown into a blogging powerhouse of a dozen women blogging about everything from recipes to crafts to DIY tips. So as you could imagine, we were thrilled to learn the woman herself, founder Melissa Hagan, was going to review our AirRam. And according to Hagan, we had her at cordless!

    "I have to vacuum daily, some days multiple times! I need a vacuum that will do the job quickly and perform at its best every time." - Melissa Hagan, Outnumbered 3 to 1 Founder

    So she put us to the test, in a house that was sure to be a challenge... two young boys, a husband and not one, not two, but three dogs! So how did we measure up?

    "The Gtech AirRam is lightweight and can easily be carried upstairs. It has really great suction, easily picking up dog hair and other debris... I am loving this vacuum." - Hagan

    Phew! And hey, we even won over the big guy.

    "My husband can attest to its suction power and even commented that he loves how it will fluff up our carpet after vacuuming." - Hagan

    Read the full story as Melissa chronicles her experience with the AirRam (right out of the box!) by clicking here. Thanks Melissa and all the ladies at Outnumbered. Keep on Blogging!

  • Easy Exercise Tips For More Energy From the Energy Efficient Lightweight AirRam

    The summer months are perfect weather for stretching our legs outdoors and enjoying nature at the same time.

    Exercise activates your endorphins, elevates your serotonin levels, and generally puts you at peace with the world. Cardiovascular activity even improves brain activity and helps you think clearly.

    Fitness is connected to the green revolution in an unspoken way; that’s why our lightweight vacuum cleaner data bridge program includes a calorie counter. You can chart your fitness while you save energy. Now, isn’t that something?

    In that spirit, here are some tips for staying fit this summer.

    runing on beachjExercise briefly upon waking.

    This is better than a cup of coffee. If you get your heart rate up first thing in the morning, it will activate your brain activity, too. Fresh air and cardiovascular activity will give you the tools you need to attack the day with gusto. If you wake up a little earlier than you normally would, just ten or fifteen minutes, you’ll give yourself far more energy with exercise than the extra sleep would give you.


    pushupsPushups and sit-ups do wonders for you.

    In an era of Crossfit, Pilates, and Zumba, exercise can seem like an overwhelming task to embark upon, but let’s not forget the simple merits of pushups and sit-ups. Both activities engage your core throughout, which improves your stability and overall strength, not just your six pack. You can’t burn these muscles out, so you can do them as regularly as you’d like. If you do push ups and sit-ups every day, your fitness will be far more well rounded.




    Walk, run, or bike instead of driving.

    Not only will this improve your endurance, lungpower, and general fitness, you will also help fight pollution. How often do you drive to the corner store that’s two or three blocks away? Just walk it next time, and enjoy the air outside.

    Make health and fitness an inseparable part of your lifestyle, like a second nature, and you will have a happier existence. Exercise with your Gtech AirRam upright vacuum cleaner, and count your calories on the data bridge program. Take the simple steps listed above, and the rewards will be great. It’s beautiful outside this summer, so go enjoy it!

    What are you doing to work fitness into your daily routine? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading the Gtech blog for more tips!

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