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  • Doug Bardwell of Says When it Comes to the AirRam... "Get Ready to be Surprised"


    Doug Bardwell, the intrepid traveling tech writer, took a look at our AirRam and we're happy to say he likes us! He really, really likes us!

    "This revolutionary cordless vacuum is a giant leap forward into cleaning technology... Once you turn on the AirRam, you are in for a number of surprises." - Doug Bardwell,

    See? It's just what WE'VE been saying all along! Thanks Doug! Seriously though, we were really impressed with his insightful and incredibly thorough review... (this guy doesn't miss a thing!).

    "First, this thing almost pulls itself across the floor – all you need to do is twist the handle to effortlessly steer it left, right or straight... It is so quiet by comparison to anything I’ve ever used before – battery or electric powered." - Bardwell

    Quiet and maneuverable, but what about the power?

    "Powerful is hardly the word – amazing is more like it. This thing picks up everything – the first time. No more running a vac back and forth multiple times to pick something up. With the brushes spinning at 3,000 RPM, this thing grabs the first time and doesn’t let go." - Bardwell

    And we like his idea for easy storage of our AirRam.

    "By folding it open all the way flat, you can then easily hang it in a small compact space, saving lots of room for other cleaning supplies." - Bardwell

    And being a guy that knows a good deal when he sees it, Doug took note of our risk free guarantee.

    "If anyone is in the market for a vacuum, you seriously must consider this Gtech AirRam. Lighter in weight, yet outperforms anything I’ve seen. The unit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – they even pay the freight – so there is absolutely nothing to lose. If you’re like me, after 30 days they couldn’t pry it out of my fingers." - Bardwell

    Safe travels, Doug! We look forward to reading more from your globetrotting quest for the latest gadgets and gear. To see the whole article click here.

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