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  • Beating the June Gloom with AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    It affects Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, the weather phenomenon known as “June Gloom,” and it takes the wind out of some of our sails in what should be the gateway to summer. But you don’t just have to live in California to have an off-day.

    The occasional gray can mess with your summer vibe. Recent studies have shown that weather affects our mood, so what can we do in these moments when we remember that warm, carefree summer feeling from years past and a gloomy day is threatening to steal it away?

    Like most innovative things, the AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner was conceived by an optimistic spirit, so Gtech has put this list together to help you stay positive when the sun takes a siesta anywhere in America:

    • Have a Film Festival at Home

    Compile a bunch of your favorite movies and watch two or three of them in a row. To spice it up and give you something to do, you could wander your local movie store and see what jumps out at you, expanding your collection. It’s nice to have a unifying theme, i.e. a trilogy, or sunny movies for a not-so-sunny day.

    • Take a Hike

    Sometimes, you have to refuse to submit. If it’s cloudy, but not rainy, don’t count your day ruined! It’s still nice to go and become one with nature. See if you can find a botanical garden near you. The colors of certain flowers look even brighter by contrast when it’s overcast. Don’t let low-hanging clouds make you lay low.

    • Read Outside

    Reading is an activity that’s complimented by gloomy weather. Escape reality and play out the vivid scenes in your mind, but do it from a porch or sitting in your yard. The fresh air will be revitalizing and there will be no sun reflecting off of your pages, so it’s easy on the eyes.

    • Aquariums and Planetariums

    Find interesting and informative indoor experiences. Aquariums are very interesting and very serene. Try a planetarium, so you can see the stars on a day when they will covered by the cloud blanket after the sun goes down.

    june gloomyOptimism is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. We cannot control the weather, but we can control what we do with it when it turns on us a little. Summer arrives in June, so let’s maintain those jubilant summer sensations! These are just a few examples we came up with for how to beat the June Gloom or whatever regional curve ball the weather throws at you, but there are a million things to do if you think creatively.

    Hold out a little longer. It’s going to be a beautiful summer. Stay tuned. We’ll tackle different weather issues from across the country.

    What are you doing to stay positive in bad weather this summer? Tell us what’s on your list on Facebook and Twitter.

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