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  • The New York Times Says “You Can’t Beat the Ease” of the AirRam

    New-York-Times-LogoWe’re always thrilled when we get a great review, and nothing is more thrilling than a write up in The New York Times. Recently, Home and Garden reporter, Sandy Keenan, tested our AirRam for several weeks at her home by the beach.

    “Sand is my nemesis. My garage is a museum of vacuum cleaners tried and for the most part abandoned — from cumbersome canisters with bags and cords to an old-school manual sweeper. So my hand shot up when volunteers were asked to test AirRam, an energy-efficient cordless upright marketed as the “Tesla of vacuum cleaners.” - Sandy Keenan, New York Times.

    Keenan challenged the AirRam’s ability to take on dirt and debris across multiple surfaces in her home.

    “For several weeks, I propelled this sleek appliance over tile, wood and carpet, enjoying the way it sucked up sand and dust and even the stray peanut, penny and blueberry. It turned corners like a sports car and sank down to the ground like a limbo champion.” -Keenan, New York Times

    In addition to the AirRam’s easy maneuverability, Keenan made note of its simplicity in design and maintenance.

    “You can’t beat the ease. Maintenance is a simple matter of removing, rinsing and drying two small filters every month.”

    Thanks to Sandy Keenan for a very thorough and unbiased review. To see the entire article, click here.

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  • Editors at Modern Man Say the Gtech AirRam “Totally Sucks!” And We Couldn’t Be Happier!

    Modern Man 2

    Ah, vacuum humor. It’s really one of the only places you can say a product “sucks,” and it’s actually a good thing. That’s what editors at Modern Man are saying about the Gtech AirRam in a wonderfully written, and very manly, review. And we’re thrilled!

    “The Gtech AirRam totally sucks. That’s a compliment. (It) sucked up cat hair, litter, and food. And had we tried, we bet it would have also picked up the freaking cat.” – Modern Man

    For the cat lovers out there, it’s true the AirRam is powerful enough to pick up lots of stuff, but FiFi is safe, we promise.

    “The AirRam’s best feature was its rotating handle (that) also allows it to maneuver around awkward corners and tough-to-reach spots like under the coffee table (and) bed.” – Modern Man

    And, of course, when it comes to guys, it comes down to the brass tacks.

    “There are certain household cleaning items all guys need to own, and vacuum cleaner (makes) the list… With a vacuum you can cheap out and go with some no-name bucket of bolts… but chances are it won’t suck up dirt very well and you’ll be forced to upgrade sooner than you’d like. The Gtech AirRam… got the job done for us.” – Modern Man

    Woo-Hoo! We feel so manly now. We’re gonna saddle up the local bar and order up a nice cold brew (but make it a light… we’re watching our waistline). Seriously though, thanks to the editors at Modern Man for their informative, fun and thorough review! To read it, click here. :)

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