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Tag Archives: Julie Strietelmeier

  • The Gadgeteer compares us to.... the "D" word ;-)

    Yes, she said it... Julie Strietelmeier, the self proclaimed "gadget freak" from The Gadgeteer says our AirRam rivals Dyson!

    "Move over Dyson, there’s a new sweeper in town." - Julie Strietelmeier, Owner & Editor in Chief, The Gadgeteer

    We were hoping a lover of the latest and greatest gadgets would be impressed with our AirRam's many features, which are all geared to take everything you hate about vacuuming and make it disappear.

    "The AirRam can be used on wood, tile and carpeted floors and can run for up to 40 minutes per charge. All these features alone make it sound pretty interesting, but wait, there’s more… The AirRam can connect to your computer via a USB cable and tell you how many calories you burned while using it and also how much electricity you saved." - Strietelmeier

    Julie also noted our risk free offer (she doesn't miss a trick!). Check out the full review by clicking here.


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