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  • Mother’s Day Fun Fact: Nick Grey Designed the AirRam for his Mom!

    Mother's day
    It’s true! Nick wanted to design a vacuum that would make his mom’s life easier (what a good son). So he set out to take everything people hate about vacuuming and make it disappear.

    - No more lugging around a big bulky vacuum – Check! Our light weight AirRam is only 7.7 pounds.
    - No more dragging around a cord from room to room – Check! We’re totally cordless.

    Don’t believe us? Hear Nick tell the story in this video. And best of all? Nick did it all without sacrificing performance. The AirRam’s revolutionary design ensures high performance on carpet, hardwood and tiled floors

    And here’s another fun fact: The AirRam has scored major points with arthritis suffers and those with joint problems. We were even a top pick in a recent Senior Outlook Today gift giving guide.

    Of course moms of any age can enjoy the benefits of the AirRam. And you know what would be another nice gift for her? Vacuuming the house. And that will be a lot easier with the cordless, light weight and powerful AirRam.. so win-win!

    Well, however you celebrate this Mother’s Day, we hope you enjoy it. And give Mom a big hug for us. She deserves it… she raised you didn’t she? ;-)

  • Someone call George Clooney! The AirRam is Selected as One of the Hot Must Haves for Your Bachelor Pad.

    "A home can be drastically improved with just a handful of awesome items. Here’s a few recommended ones…" - Jack Archer, Airows

    We like the sound of it so far! No one knows hip and cutting edge like Jack Archer (even his name is cool), founder of the blog site, Airows. This guy has his finger on the pulse of what's hot in lifestyle, tech and design. He recently reviewed one of our AirRams and added us to his list of Cool Home Supplies for Your Bachelor Pad. After taking it for a spin, Archer quickly honed in on the things that really set the AirRam apart from the rest.

    "It’s CORDLESS, which doesn’t seem that game changing until you actually use it... it ups the convenient factor significantly and means you don’t have to constantly re-plug as you move throughout the space. You charge once and it lasts about ten times longer than you’d assume." - Archer

    That's right, on one charge, your Airram will run for about 40 minutes. Plenty of time to clean the house. So overall, what did Mr. Archer think?

    "Hands down, this is the best vacuum your money can buy." - Archer

    Seriously, someone call Clooney. Hollywood's hottest bachelor needs an AirRam (I'll deliver it in person ;-)). In the meantime, check out the entire review here.


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