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  • We're Just Wild About Wild Ruffle... and They're Just Wild About Us!

    Wild Ruffle

    As you can see, this review was music to our ears. We've been humming this tune ever since we read the great review by the fabulous fashionista (and fellow clean freak) Cate Mezyk!

    Cate and her hubby (another lover of all things spic and span) tried out our AirRam and marveled at the maneuverability.

    "(The) original plan was to move our bed so he could vacuum under it. And he would’ve had to move it had we used our old vacuum, an Oreck. But this amazing thing folded completely FLAT so he was able to reach under the entire thing to clean it up... I heard him yell from upstairs, “You have GOT to see this!” He was as giddy as I’ve ever seen him. Truly." - Cate Mezyk, Founder of Wild Ruffle

    Cate continued to sing our praises when she saw the power behind out mighty vac.

    "You will be appalled at what it picks up from your floor. Because as someone who vacuums regularly, I was shocked to see how much crud was still stuck in the carpet fibers." - Mezyk

    You just can't beat that... from a woman who KNOWS how clean!

    "I kid you not when I tell you in all honesty that this is the best vacuum I have ever used. It’s lightweight, making stairs a breeze. It’s bagless (you simply open up the dust/dirt compartment and dump as you go). The head rotates, allowing you to get around corners easily. AND it’s cordless!" - Mezyk

    Thanks Cate! We think you're pretty great too!

    For the full review, click here!

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