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The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Gtech Wins The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation

About The Queen’s Award for InnovationQueen's Award

The Queen’s Award for Innovation is the UK’s highest business accolade, handed down from Her Majesty the Queen on her birthday every year. The award rewards commercial success as a result of innovation, and applicants are only eligible through unique innovation that has proven outstandingly successful over a short period of time.

The award’s emblem can be used in advertising, marketing and on packaging for 5 years to acknowledge quality and success.

What this means for Gtech

Gtech are pleased to announce that we have been named as the latest winners of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, acknowledging our contribution to cordless technology and our original product design and development.

Gtech founder and CEO, Nick Grey, said “Gtech has grown from 20 to 65 employees in the last two years and the support they give the management team and I is second to none. Their dedication in designing high performance, cordless products and providing outstanding customer service makes me very proud. We will enjoy this moment and continue to work hard to honour the award for both our company and customers.”

With large investment and two years of research, our achievement in cordless vacuum technology was only made possible through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Our desire to solve a simple problem with a simple solution and provide only the best products for our customers is what has allowed us to accomplish such success.

Gtech Group Photo

Photo: Gtech employees celebrating winning a Queen's Award for Innovation with champagne and cake.

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